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Bedtime troubles is it only me?????

My daughter is 21 weeks old she will not sleep on her own no matter what i do.
she has...
* bath @ 7.00pm
*massage @ 7.30pm
*feed @ 8.00pm
and i try to get her in bed at about  8.30-9.00pm but she wont go to sleep untill 11pm and she will only sleep in bed with me! i want to have my bed back as i feel unsafe sleeping with her. Also she wont sleep in the daytime unless she is being held! i dont no what to do! She crys when ever i put her down and wont let anyone other than me hold her! i dont belive in leaving her to cry as she is so small still and wont no why no one is there for her, me and my parter dont ever have time alone as she wont sleep then ends up in our bed!
any one have any ideas?
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Sorry she's doing this to you =(  I don't have a bed schedule with Myra, she just lets me know when she's ready.  She'll cry until I take her up to her crib and then she's fine.  One of my easiest babies by far.  

My son i did have problems.  He NEVER wanted me to put him down.  I always breastfed, so I'd sit on the bed or on a chair, nurse him to sleep and CAREFULLY lay him down.  There were MANY times he would wake up instantly when I just get his butt on the crib mattress.  LOL  

I'm not sure how I got through it, but SO many people told me that it'll pass...he's going on 5 years old now and still doesn't want to sleep.  

I wish you the best and hopefully someone on here and really help you Hun!  

Thinking of you!!
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yea lilly will do the same when i get her to sleep, she only falls asleep while im nurse her then wakes up when i put her down or on the rare times she will stay asleep she will wake up with in 10 mins, the only way i can sleep is on my side with her lached onto my breast next to me :( its givin me back ache :(
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Caiden isn't on a sleeping schedule either. I tried and tried figuring that if he was on a schedule it would be easier on all of us but we just couldn't do it. He eats at different times every day/night and just like us adults he's an individual and it just didn't work for him. So usually his last bottle is anywhere between 9-11pm and normally he passes out right after he eats. He does great in his crib but he's back to his "I'm going to fuss for my binky every other hour". He went through this phase when he was almost 4 months. Than it passed and now he's doing it again. It's exhausting..every other hour he just cries out and wants his binky than goes back to sleep.
And sometimes he hates being put down too. He'd prefer to be carried and walked around everywhere. But I think by putting him in his exersaucer or swing..even if its just for 5 minutes has taught him that its okay not to be held. I don't believe in letting my baby cry either...but if I sit with him and play he does well. And now he doesn't mind being put down to play. But I know what you're going through.

Maybe if you feed her at 8..try giving her another bottle at 10:30/11. If she's up that late maybe there's a reason. Even if its just a few ounces to get her to pass out.My guy passes out right after eating..so maybe worth a try? Or maybe give her a bit less milk at her 8pm feeding this way she's a lil bit hungry at 10ish or so and will eat and go to bed.

As far as putting her down...we went through it so try putting her in a swing, blanket on the floor, walker, exersaucer..and if she cries, sit and play with her. Do this a little bit each day and see if she starts accepting it more. Than maybe you'll be able to leave her in it while you get stuff done. Good luck girl!
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