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Dull aches and pains

Lastnight i started having these horrible, but dull cramps in my hips, my lower back would tighten just in the middle (kinda in waves), contractions weren't regular (still aren't), dizziness, fatigue, peeing tons, nauseous....just everything hitting me at once...

This morning I'm still feeling the same thing.  The cramps are like menstral like cramping, I keep checking myself and all I have is tons of watery/clear discharge (nothing leaking or gushing)...the cramps, nausea and lower back ache is still going....but nothing has really gotten to the point of going to the doctors or calling yet.  Oh and since yesterday, I wouldhave these horrible hotflashes that were on and off and I'd get very dizzy with them.  Like pins and needles throughout my arms and legs...it was crazy because it was cold in here (63 degrees usually)....

So I'm not assuming anything yet, but thinking something might be happening.  I've been taking it easy as I can with three kids running around here.   It's just weird you worry about not remembering what labor feels like, but once it all happens at once, you QUICKLY remember.  LOL  I'm just hoping I don't deliver at 34 weeks....

I was 34w4d along when I went into preterm labor with the twins (today is 34w4d for me)....so it's crazy.....

I hope to get on here later and update anything...like I said, I'm going to hang out here, but if it continues and gets worse (more regular), I'm going to the hospital....but don't assume anything yet....

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I'm in the hospital now.  My nurse is reading your email.  She says it sure sounds like labor!  Get to the hospital now!!!  If you get there early enough you may be able to stop the contractions still.

The menstrual cramps are uterine contractions. My docs have increased my meds supposed to stop contractions cause i'm still having these.  Dull back pain is also a sign of "true" labor... as informed by my nurses today..

Hahaha just like me.... confined in the hospital trying to prevent baby coming too early....

Seriously hope all is fine. Let us know.
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Will do~

Thank you!  Scary thing is I'm home with all my kids and I labor fairly fast!!  Calling my husband now....thanks Sally~

Jus tthink I was the one that helped you out and now you're helping me~

Thank Hun-

Good luck to you as well....
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I just got off the phone with my doctor's nurse and she said it sounded like BH.  She said the back pain is from "back labor", but what does that mean?  The cramping it normal she said and to just relax and drink water (which I have been)...to go to L&D when I need to because he's on call this weekend....why would they be taking chances at 34 weeks?  I'm just confused...but oh well...I guess I'm sitting here until something really happens (water breaking/bleeding)

Hope she's right though....
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You should try taking a warm bath. If it's braxton hicks, they will more and likely go away after soaking and relaxing about 20 mins. BH have been a major part of my pregnancy since about 20 weeks of pregnancy and even sent me to the hospital with false labor on one occasion. I hope this is of some help. Keep us posted.
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Thank you!

I've been having BH since 9 weeks with this pregnancy~for the past motnh or so, I've been having regular contractions...but today seems different.  Actually started lastnight~the contractions started 20 minutes apart and are now 8 minutes...

Now, the baby was laying on my left side and had it's feet and legs over on my right side.  Since the last contraction, I've noticed it's breathing is in the CENTER of my belly...so it's turned into positon and I was wondering when thatr was going to be...andit was today :)  It's been in positon (vertex/head down) since 30 weeks, but it actually did something today... it's butt is literally in the center of my belly, just under my sternum...
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I think when my baby dropped, I had real bad bh that night and just knew I was going to be headed to the hospital to have a New Year's  baby but at 6am they just stopped. Those bh can be real tricky. If they're getting closer together and more intense that's a sign of labor.(REAL LABOR) Were you able to fit that bath in? If so did they go away? Wishing you the best...
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How is it going? Are you at home or the hospital??
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We ended up going down to L&D at 4pm (EST) and they took me right in and hooked me up to all those good things.  Waited about an hour and I was contracting every 4 minutes.  They checked my cervix and it was closed and soft.  So they had me walk around for an hour, but I only lasted a half hour.  I went back into the room and they hooked me back up to the monitors, then rechecked my cervix. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes, but not as strong.  I'm now fingertip (1cm) and 50% effaced.  They decided to send me home because I didn't change much.  I have to go back obviously if the contractions come back stronger, if my water breaks or if I bleed heavy.  She said spotting is ok because I was checked twice tonight.  

SOOO, I'm still preggo!!  Thank god.  If I went tonight (up until Monday), I would of needed to be sent to Arnot Hospital because they have a NICU...Robert Packer doesn't have one....So I'm hoping I make it ATLEAST by 36-36 weeks....

This SAME THING happened when I was preggo withthe twins.  I went into preterm labor at 34 weeks, left the hospital at 1cm, got to 3-4cm at 37 weeks and had them at 38 weeks.  So the same thing could happen or go faster since I've been preggo before the doctor said.  

So, I'm home, with my FAMILY on the weekend....no work for me tomorrow :)  
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Take it very easy!  Your baby shouldn"t come yet.  did they gibe you anything to stop contractions?

i am not dilated, but bubs is head at the doors so to speak, and everyhing is soft and ready to go...

bed rest [email protected] They won"t even let me up to go to the toilet.

Take care...

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Good to hear that she is still in there..

Rest and hope she hangs in there until at least 36 weeks!
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Im sorry Brandi....that you are going through this...but I am so glad that the baby is deciding to stay in there a bit longer....

Me personally...am an idiot! I am banned from alot being on bedrest and what did I do last night...I had sex...which I am not supposed to ..Not that it was a big thing....just a short thing because I felt bad for hubby that he has been waiting....but I woke up this morning with nothing but cramps.....and they arent going away....hopefully they settle down!
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You know from experience that this baby is not going to stay in much longer without intervention from medication.  I can't believe they sent you home from the hospital with medication to stop the contractions.  Actually surprised they didn't keep you there on bed rest.

I looked at your belly pictures this morning and you are right.  Your belly has totally changed from the way it looked before.  I think this baby is totally reading to do her thing.  

I know it's going to hard with three kids, but please try to rest on the couch with your feet up and laying on your side.  You know all these things...what I am telling you this for.  I am just worried about you dearheart.  You know that I have even wondered how you walk, with that tremendous belly of yours.  You are so tiny anyway, your back must be killing you.

Please keep us updated if you can.  You know when labor is not going to stop, so if it happens before Monday, personally I would head to the hospital with the NICU just to be on the safe side.  Take care of yourself, precious.

Big Mommie Hugs from all of us,
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that was suppose to read "without" medication
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They didn't give me anything, just told me to watch how much they intensify....maybe because I changed alittle, who knows....

I'm still contracting, but nothing different~they're still every 5-10 minutes, but no stronger...The thing is, if they haven't changed but getting stronger and the contractions I was having lastnight did change my cervix~wouldn't things be changing still?  I was alittle pissed they kept me there, had me walk for an hour~then sent me home STILL WHILE CONTRACTING!!  My back is still killing me...I was able to sleep alittle lastnight, but not much.  So if I deliver this baby sooner then Monday, they're either going to ship me to a different hospital or have me deliver then and take the baby to a different hospital :(  It's just freaky.  

My instructions lastnight was to RELAX, lay on my left side, eat more frequent meals, drink tons of water....but how can a Mom relax with three other children, no help at home and still having house work to do?  All I've been drinking it water~I ate alittle more then I usually do and just not feeling so good.  

And just think, when I talked to my doctor's nurse yesterday morning, she told me that it was just BH contractions...but ended up going down to the hospital and my cervix changed in a matter of 2 hours...so girls, just listen to yuor body....if you just don't feel like yourself, make sure you get checked.  They can't evaluate you while talking on the phone...

Good luck to everyone and I hope nobody else goes throug hthis until we're all past 36-38 weeks :)  

Thinking of you all-
Thank you-
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hi girl, really concerned about you.

they have made a big fuss about me having contractions at 36 weeks. they didnt want me going home with any contractions at all. After biophysical and all the now won't let me home til baby arrives.  they decide next week after biophysical tests when to 'let go' and let nature take her course.

but you have a history of premature labor! much easier to keep baby in you with appropriate meds / hospital than to deal with premie baby. have you got someone can take the kids for a few days? A mum or sister, or relative?

When my doc was considering discharging me, my "mum" and baby's father both said "no way".  Keep her there.  After the biophysical it was decided to keep me here anyway....

Take care dear one.  You just need to hang on a few more weeks!

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