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Hi Ladies!!!  Does anyone on here have facebook?!  I use it a lot, and have tons of pictures and videos of Brooke on there that I would love to share to everyone.  Let me know cause I would LOVE to add other February mommies :)  and watch our children grow!!  Thanks!!
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I have one! It's under Gina Pellegrino
Can't wait to see all your pics! :)
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I tried adding you Gina, but not sure if it worked?  Let me know if it didn't and I'll try again!  Thanks.
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I have  one also  it's under Jesselynn Taylor i also have tons of baby pics on there also
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me too leighanne magnarelli
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Woohoo!! Thanks ladies :)
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I have one under Kary Middleton
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I have one under Jonelle Paolucci
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katharine gregory
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Megz I never got your request :( Can you try it again??
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I must have missed this one~
I have Facebook also!!

It's Brandi Goodrich

I have another account that DOESN'T work under Brandi Diller Lesh Goodrich (DON'T USE THAT ONE)
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I have one its under Adrianne Williams
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