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First Ob visit

Just wanted to throw out an update!!
Had my first OB visit this morning and everything went great. He snuck me in for an ultrasound so I got to see the twins again, he didn't want to bother trying to hear for heartbeats with the doppler at this point because he said he just wouldn't be able to. The babies are measuring bigger than originally thought so they have officially changed my due date to Feb 9th and boy it is nice to jump ahead and entire week already. Thir heartbeats were at 175 & 180 and I actually saw baby B move a little - the technician said it was a leg kicking and I just took her word for it. I got to hear the heartbeats this time to and it was amazing in an of itself, I think I could of listened to that sound all day.  Everything else looked great they are definately in their own sacs and have their own placenta's but further testing for identical vs. fraternal will probably be after they are born. They did find a bleed and the technician reassurred me that she sees them all the time she compared it to having a bruise (on my uterus ) i guess, anyway my OB then said no intercouse (not that I want any - uggh) no lifting and no exercising. I am finding it hard to do anything less than what i am doing now although I am going to have to find something to cut out. I know I have been carrying my son way more than I should and he is 36 pounds so i am going to try and be better about that from here on out. Next appt is August 1st - we will have another ultrasound and a trasnuchal (?) test at that point. All is good. Oh and I passed my glucose tolerance test for now, he said I am boderline and that it could change!
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Great news.... Congradulations!!!
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That is great! I have my first OB appt today too, but I know I wont be getting an u/s today. Its basically just to go over things and talk to my doctor.

They keep moving your due date up...how great is that!
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That's so exciting! I'm very happy for you! I bet it feels good to worry less and less the more we progress and the more good news we get!
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YAY! What great news!! You must be sooo excited!! Congrats girl :)
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What a wonderful and reassuring visit.  Two beautiful healthy babies on the way.  And sooner than thought.

Reckon the lifting of your son would be the biggest concern, but that's so easy to say and isn't easy to do when you're dealing with a toddler (how old is he)?

Brilliant about the glucose tollerance too!  One less thing to worry about for now.

Happy days ahead.


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