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Gestational Diabetes


am now about 7-8 weeks pregnant.

Have been monitoring blood sugar. FBS for me is 95.  Saw my endo today.  He said fbs should be < 95.  I'll be doing a OGTT (100g) early next week.  He told me that the guidelines he's looking at are more stringent than the lab will report.  If they're out, he's looking at putting me on insulin!

Isn't this a bit early to develop gestational diabetes?

Anyone been though this?  Can you give me any info / experience on this.  I am nervous to say the least.

This is my first pregnancy.  I am 37 (nearly 38).  Have hypothyroid, PCOS, & Pituitary adenoma.  

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Just got a call from Doc Mike (my endo).  Yes the numbers are good for now, except the fasting.

He has referred me to a dietician for a gestational diabetes diet.  I will probably see the dietician tomorrow (after I collect the referral from Doc Mike's office).  I am required to monitor blood sugar 4 times a day: fasting and 2 hours after each meal.  Hope this dietician is going to be smart enough to pull it all together particular considering my diet has to be gluten free.

Doc Mike is hopeful that the diet and exercise will keep the numbers reasonable, and will be watching me very closely.   However, he did say that regardless of what the post eating numbers are if  I can't get the fasting <95 consistently he'll put me on insulin.

So he's going to be very aggressive about managing this pregnancy.  Good!  Better to be inconvenienced now, but have a healthy baby!

This is still only about 8 weeks, and the risk for overt diabetes climbs as the pregnancy progresses. So let's see.  At least we're starting early.

Fasting this morning was 105.  The numbers go higher when I sleep in (and go for longer than usual without eating) - and I was feeling too unwell to eat last night I just got home and crashed...  Feeling better today.

Have a great day all.


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Even though I am certainly not a doctor, I would say that your GTT levels are actually quite good.  I know that your Endo wants lower fasting levels, but what I think he's actually looking at, is where you will be further down the line in your pregnancy.  As the pregnancy continues you are more apt to see those FBS levels rise, just due to the growing baby.

I am so glad to hear that you have these doctor's watching everything closely.  All everybody wants, is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

Let us know what the Endo says about your latest testing,

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Thanks for your comments all.  

It's my endo who's worried about diabetes.  The Ob-gyne doesn't know much about that side of my history yet.   I went in to see him.  KM (the baby's father) came with me.  Endo was very serious.  Said there are 3 things to watch for:-

1. Thyroid (cause hypo will cause development problems in the baby).  We'll be testing for that monthly.
2. Pituitary adenoma.  It can grow during pregnancy.  I have a list of emergency symptoms to inform him immediately if I have any.
3. Diabetes.  He was looking for <95 on the fasting levels.  

I did the OGTT and got 95.14 on the fasting, then a very flat curve after the glucose (109, 93.27, 102.87).  Apparently flat OGTT can result for people with Celiac, thryoid issues, and pituitary insufficiency.  I haven't heard from my Endo yet, so don't know what this all means.  

At least it will be borderline and I'll be following diabetic diet and monitoring even more closely.

KM asked him if pregnancy would help balance my endocrine issues.  Doc M said, it is likely to make them temporarily worse and that's why he'll be watching me so closely.

Thank you friends.

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I am a type 2 diabetic.  I was on pills b4 I found out I was pregnant.  Now, I'm on insulin.  For me, my morning fastins are running kinda on the high side (130-150).  With my son, my morning numbers were always less than 120.  For me, with my son (and apparently for this pregnancy too), I tried several different types of insulin b4 we found the one that really worked with my body.  Why my dr decided to use something different this tme,  I really dont know.  I really dont want u to be on insulin, so you really have to follow ur strick diet.  What works for me is, I cut back on carbohydrates and eat more protein, fruits and veggies.  If you follow ur dr.'s diet, u will do just fine.  Good luck.
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I USED to be an insulin dependent diabetic, before I lost 125 pounds.  So I know a little something about fasting blood sugars.  Your doctor is correct.  While anything under 100 as a fasting blood sugar can be ideal, they really want to see readings around 80-90 FBS.  

Your doctor is being very cautious and rightfully so.  So I don't think it's too early to do a Glucose Tolerance Test.  What harm can it do, except make you feel high as a kite from all the sugar?  At least you will know how your body is tolerating high levels of sugar in your blood, early in your pregnancy.  Obviously this OB/GYN is a cautious doctor who wants to make sure that everything in your pregnancy is perfect.

Gestational diabetes doesn't just make for large babies.  It can make for very sick babies.  You certainly don't want that.  My daughter had to use insulin through 2 of her three pregnancies and did just fine.  Her last baby was 9 pds. 9 ozs.  

Best of luck to you. You know that I am keeping a close eye on you my sweet friend.  Cheers to a continued, healthly pregnancy.

From your buddy Heather...Big Hugs,
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Hey Sally, actually it isn't too early. I had it with my first pregnancy and when I got pregnant again they tested me right away at like 7 or 8 weeks. We never got the results as we miscarried shortly thereafter. I was also on insulin with my first - I didn't think my numbers were that bad my FBS was always under 100 and hardly any of my numbers were ever over 120 even if I had a piece of birthday cake (only on rare occassion) so i was pretty confused why he choose insulin and so was my ob/gyn. They spoke after my first appt and the endo said that because I had it and because I had family history of gestational diabetes and family history of big babies that is why he put me on it. Is your family history anything like that??? Maybe there is good reason try not to get scared once you have the first week of shots under your belt it will be like old hat!! Hang in there and keep me posted... remember if you have questions or concerns it never hurts to make them explain it again and again!!!!

PS I am about seven weeks myself and going back to my ob/gyn in the next week or two and I can pretty much gaurntee that they are going to have me do the first sugar test within the next few weeks. Feel free to pm me
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