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Has anyone else stopped feeling pregnant?? HELP !!

I am about 6/7 weeks now.
I had an eptopic pregnancy last year and had my left tube removed.
I did have mild pregnancy syptoms i.e
Sickness (although not actually sick)
A couple of head aches
Just general feeling things were happening down there
and now i feel like i am not pregnant anymore.
Is this normal ??
I want to feel like something is happening - some sickness etc
to know that everything is normal and ok
I havnt had any bleeding or anything - but completly paraniod and checking all the time i go.

I had an early scan at 4/5 weeks - they took tests and said good levels
but too early to see anything and I am going back on Thursday

But Thursday today - seems like years away !!!
Am i complete nutter !! or has anyone else felt or had this???
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I have yet to experience that.  When I m/c'd I only had cramping (which besides the negative tests led me to believe I wasn't pregnant).  Right now, I am having nausea all the time and as much as I hate it I don't want it to go away because then I'll be worried.  I too have an appointment Thursday, but as long as I can see everything is ok then the symptoms can feel free to go away!  By the way, I threw up for the first time today which I thought would make me feel better but it didn't!  At least your appointment is only 2 days away.  I would have them monitor your beta hcg levels still and if they do an u/s then they will be able to see if everything is ok or not.  But definitly bring it up to the doctor.
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I did have my symptoms disappear once and I did end up having a miscarriage but that doesn't mean that is what is happening to you!!!! Symptoms fluctutate from day to day and at least for me the more I try and focus on which symptoms I have the less they are there. I also wanted to add that with my first pregnancy I had no other symptoms besides being tired and it was healthy and went full term. The doc said your numbers are good and you have to try and trust that for now. I will be thinking of you and hope that you keep us posted. The more you stress the easier it is to explain away and symptoms you might be having!!! 4 weeks is definatley way early to see anything on a scan - hope this helps, I know it doesn't have all the answers you wanted to hear but I am hoping in some way it does help!
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Thanks girlies x
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I am 10 wks pregnant and wasnt having in prgnancy symptoms with the exception of my boobs being sore.  NOw, my boobs aren't even sore.  I am so nervous.  I have my appt tomorrow.  I hope things out good for me.  I've had a m/c in 2003, and it would devastate me if i have another.  

I hope your appointment turns out good.  I will be praying for you.
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aah thanks denise_m09
Its so hard - its all i think about at the moment and its driving me nuts.
I just want/need to know all ok
I have found my cervix to be abit low - no bleeding or anything
(i think thats meant to be a good sign)

Let me know how you get on with your appointment 2 - fingers crossed and I will pray for you 2.

Not long now - 2.40pm this afternoon x ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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Hi Princess,

My appt went well this afternoon.  The baby's heartbeat is 158, which the nurse said is good.  And the tech actually had a little problem.  The baby was moving around constantly.  It was too cute to see on the tv they had in the room.  Also, it was a big relief for me.  I measured at 10.4 wks pg.  I thought I was 10.1wks pg.  Nots that its a big deal, but its good to know.  How did everything work out with you? Please let me know.
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Just so all of you all know by you not having symptoms doesn't mean you're not pregnant. I look at it as being lucky. I'm 7 wks & I haven't had really any symptoms & when I went to the doctor everything was good. So don't worrry so much. You need to just be thankful & keep moving.  Best of luck ladies!!!
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Just to let you all know - that everything was fine at the scan
7weeks with a little heart flicker - still early but looking good x woo hoo
So happy x x x
thanks everyone x
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10 weeks pregnant as of today and i have had 3 m.c before...1st one before my 2nd daughter...n 2 after last 1 in jan of this year...n im a nervous wreck...always checkn when i wipe for any spotting...did feel really tired/nautious boob soreness up until the last day or so...seems to be fading away :^(....n thats all ive really done was sleep or lounge around...my 1st ultrasound was july 10th wich i was 8wks 4days n seen the lil heartbeat n my next apointment is not until the 7th of aug...should i call my doc tmrw n let them know??? Im scared n confused at the same time...ughhh
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