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How is everyone?

I know we are all quite busy these days but I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? how are all of your little ones? Or should I say big ones...since they are growing so quickly.

Sarah is great! 7+ months, has her first tooth and started to crawl. She is a delight and we couldnt have asked for a better baby!!!

16 weeks preggo with #2 and we will know the gender on October 6th. Scheduled Ceserean for February 16th.

Whats new with everyone else?
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Well Mckenna is  doing great she is  going to  7 months and  is starting to try to crawl she has her tooth  bottom teeth and they came in together. SHe is  just   such a  peanut. She 17 lb 6 oz and  about  28 inches  long.  She loves to  eat.  then loves getting it  all over everything she can get  it over. SHe sits  by herself if u  sit her up  and  she will pull and hold  standing  if u put her hands on something to hold. and she just loves her  daddy .  
  Lance06-- good to hear that  sarah is  doing so good, How are u  feeling?   I know it was har don me having a three  year and seven year  when i  was preggo  for  Mckenna i cant imagine having  them  about a year apart.  Atleast the bday are closer to gether  easier for  planning  parties lol. Well  good luck with  baby  #2  u  will have to  let  us know what  u are  having.   My hubby  keep askinglets have one more. I told him  he is nuts i think  four would be a little stressful lol

Hope everyone one elses babies are doing great ( along with mommy and  daddy  to lol)
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Hi All,

just back from a business trip to Malaysia.  I took Michaela with me and left her with a babysitting service provided by the hotel when I had to go to meetings.

She is doing great.  7 1/2 months now about 18 lbs.  She has no sign of teeth yet.  She eats, but not so much (and she doesn't like baby food), and still is mainly on breast milk.

She can now wave and clap.  She sits and crawls very well, and pulls herself to standing whenever something is available.

Love her alot and enjoying her.  Hoping to get started on No. 2 sometime in the next few months.  Had 1 period 2 months ago, but none since them.  Guess it will take a while to get regular.

thanks all and wishes to your little ones and families.. :)
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Sounds like Mckenna & Michaela are doing great!!! So glad to hear that all of our babies are doing well and growing like crazy!

I will def let you all know on October 6th when we find out the sex of the baby!
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hey ladies,

Logan is doing amazing. He is almost 28 inches long at almost 21 pounds.. We do baby food 3x a day and he loves it. He loves to try to feed himself. He sits up, rolls, over and has begun to try to pull him self up from laying position to seating. In addition loves to stand up with help. He bables all the time and can say "ma" More words are coming soon.... He has 2 teeth side by side on the bottom...

We are hoping to try again next summer for our next little one....
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Mikayla just turned 7 months a few days ago.  On Labor Day we noticed her first tooth coming through.  It hasn't come completely in but is getting there.  She can sit up on her own with no support.  She eats baby food 3 times and has 4-5 bottles day.  Last night she pulled herself up by using DH's shirt.  She definitely wants to move more and quicker than she is able to.  She rolls over from stomach to back but not back to stomach - don't know why!  She tries to scoot but doesn't go very far, but I know soon enough she'll be all over the place.  Mikayla talks like crazy, screams and squeals all the time.  She is a very happy baby!  She weighs about 22lbs now but not sure about her length, at her 6 month check up she was almost 27 or 28 inches (can't remember).  Don't having any near future plans for any more babies, maybe in a year or so you can ask me again, lol.
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Caiden turned 7 months on September 10th and he is one active little man! He started crawling at 6 in a half months and has been rolling over tummy to back and back to tummy for months now. Also been sitting up for a while now. He is crawling all over the place and pulling himself up to a standing position with everything! I swear he's going to be walking by 9 months!

He has his 2 bottom teeth...and he eats solids 3 times a day with 5 bottles. He doesn't seem to love the baby food...he eats it but I still think he prefers the bottle. He is sooo talkative...has been saying da da for a few months..and says "maaa" when he's tired. But he babbles...claps and waves too! He imitates everything we do too...it's really funny. Doesn't like to be put in his exersaucer or other toys now that he likes to move around on his own.

He was 20 pounds 3 ounces and 28" long at 6 months...so he is one happy healthy baby boy! Hubby & I are enjoying every second...he seems to be changing so much and growing up so fast!

As far as baby # 2 plans...if hubby could have his way we'd already be Pregnant! But I would like to wait until Caiden is at least 2 before we start trying. He is such a handful and I enjoy being SANE! haha :) Glad to hear all you Mommys and babies are doing great!! Loves all the pics!
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Lucy is sitting up, but doesn't know how to get there herself. She rolls (both ways) and if I leave the room and come back she will be on the other side of it. I had to prise a cat biscuit out of her mouth the other day because she made it to the cat food when I went to get the washing out of the machine.

Lucy is a big eater. If I'm not careful she eats too much solid food and then isn't hungry for breast milk. She has been sleeping well now (through the night and 3 day naps) for over a month now.

No teeth visable yet, and not sure when she will crawl when she rolls so well. Lucy can also clearly say mum or mumum. She has been for about a month now. I think she learnt it faster because of the two older kids I have (8yrs, 5yrs) that say mum this and mum that all day long.

I am getting really excited now about the next pregnancy. We start trying in November! Hopefully my body gets with the program though. I've only had one AF so far and I am now two weeks overdue for my next one. I don't think that I am pregnant (we have been using condoms) but it is getting tempting to test, despite the unlikelyhood. I wish that it would just hurry up and come!
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yes, I'm also about to start trying again.  Only 2 af so far and 2 months apart - so don't know if things are really working yet. Will try this month and next, but kind of hope it doesn't happen until November...

M is crawling really really well and fast and standing also using furniture and everything else.  Have to keep chasing after her now to stop her getting into things.

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Nathan will be 8 months on Oct 7th ( a little over a week)!!!   Man, it goes by sooo fast!!   He is a a good, happy little boy.  He just got in one tooth on the bottom, and it has taken about a week for it to come up completely and it seemed as if he was teething for 6 weeks.  He was having some rough nights unitl it came through...now finally sleeping through the night again. Wating for that other tooth to come in now....

I am still breastfeeding, but cut it down to just when I am with him..morning and evenings...the rest of the time Daddy feeds him leftover frozen breastmilk or formula....This way I do not have to pump at all!!  

He is scooting all over, just pulls himself with his arms, and goes backwards, and in circles, but not crawling yet.  Rolls allover as well.
Pulls himself up on you, and gives BIG hugs.  He says Dada, when he is playing and Mama when he is upset!!  

Eating...well, we are feeding him table food 3x a day, when we eat essentially...he loves brown rice, mashed potatoes (sweet and white), peas, corn, green beans, broccoli, and butternut squash, yogurt, jello and rice pudding (broccoli, mashed potatoes, and red jello are his favorite).  He is eating about 25 oz a day of breastmilk. He weighs right at 21 lbs, and everything is regular with him....Working on the sippy cup, he will drink water from it, but we have to support it...trying to get him to hold it himself!!

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Michaela was 8 months last week.  According to my scale she hasn't gained any weight for the past few weeks and is still about 18 1/2 lbs.  But maybe that's because she is so active.  DOn't know how tall she is. Will have that checked at her next checkup.

She likes to eat, but not baby food, and not very much - usually just a few mouthfuls at any one time.  She currently turns her nose up at any food out of a jar.  But she's happy to eat vegetables, meat, rice, fruit.  Loves pasta.  However, her main food is still breast milk and I'm still going home every lunchtime to breast feed her.

No teeth yet.  Standing up holding onto furniture and creeping.  Claps hands. Waves. Dances. Makes heaps and heaps of noise.

We're having fun!

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Its been almost a month since I made this post, so figured I would see whats new with everyone???
Sarah turned 8 months this past Saturday..and she is changing so much as the days go by. She is crawling ALL over the place. pulling herself up to standing on her own. Eating all sorts of stuff. LOVES Gerber PUFFS....banana, strawberry banana, apple cinnamon... She is interested in EVERYTHING. She is up at 6am EVERY DAY regardless of bedtime (which is normally around 8pm).
Cant believe that I am going to have another little one right after Sarah turns 1. I am sure going to be one busy momma
Sarah is going to be a black and pink cat for halloween...too cute!
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Mikayla will be 8 months in a few days.  She is rolling all over now, not crawling yet.  Keeps herself propper up well when standing or on her stomach.  She's enjoying tummy/back time more now that she can roll over, grab at things and entertain herself. She wants to do a lot but just can't quite figure how, lol, if that makes sense.  She babbles "mamamama" and "babababa" all the time, I don't get too excited because I don't know if she realizes what she is saying but just knows how to say it now.  Mikayla also loves the puffs but I think she loves the feeling of eating them more because I put it on her lips, she puts in her mouth and smiles as she is gumming it - too cute.  Her bedtime varies between 930-1030pm and she is up either at 630am with me during the work week or on my days off she can sleep in until 930-1030am.  Her feeding schedule usually never changes though.  Her halloween costume is Minnie Mouse, since we just went to Disneyworld with her for the first time. She has one little tooth, her lower right.  It is about halfway out now, but no other buds yet!  Hope everyone is doing well!!! I'm enjoying every moment!
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jaedyn is great.  he is 8 months old saturday.  i just posted new updated pics of him.

he is going in for surgery tomorrow to have a skin tag on his face removed which is scary cuz they are going to put him under.  

he has his 2 bottom teeth and is doing a good job standing.  i swear he might walk before crawl.
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Forgot to let you ladies know we found out we are having another little girl!
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wow! congrats! :)
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