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I get to start insulin tomorrow

Well, finally reached the point and I get to start insulin tomorrow. Starting low dose 1/day and they'll see how I go and adjust in 2 weeks, if necessary.

I knew this was gonna happen.  They gave me the injection pen, demoed to me, using a pillow what I'm supposed to do, and gave me the literature and a prescription for needles and insulin (bought already) and I'll be on my own tomorrow.

Saw my Obe after the endocrinologist.  The baby was very active and doing fine.  I have gained 2 lbs in the past 2 weeks.  She told me I should try to gain as little weight as possible, given everything, during this pregnancy.  Max would be 11 pounds for 2nd and 11 pounds for 3rd trimester, but hopefully a lot less!  Target would be about 1/2 lb a week, ideally.

Don't get to see her for another month. Phew!  But get to see the endocrinologist every 2 weeks from hereon out.

This doctoring stuff is very intense!

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I have no idea how they expect you to be so strict on your diet while pregnant! All will power goes out the window for me a few weeks after getting a positive test.

Hopefully you don't get too stressed about it..

My friend had her baby two weeks ago, and she had borderline gestational diabetes. They told her to stop eating sugary foods, and she said she completely failed! She was eating icecream every night after dinner obsessively. She was so relieved when everything went well at the birth!

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for you from here!
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Good luck with that, I know a diet is hard to stick to but when you have to do it for your baby it is  a little easier. Although I had every intent of putting myself on the diabetic diet at the beginning I have failed miserably and now figure that I will do it when they tell me I need to. Lucky for me these babies do not crave sweets as my son did so maybe it will all work itself out. I think the big thing is that they do not want the baby to grow so big that you have to have a c-section. They induced me about a week early to prevent that and he was almost eight pounds then, probably would of been nine or more had they waited for me to go into labor on my own (ouch!!) Keep us posted!!
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yehah  good luck with the  GD .  I was borderline  with my last pregnancy  and   they  delivered my son on his  due  date and he was  just under 10 lbs coming in at  9lb 12 oz and 21 inches long so i can only  imagine  what baby  number three is  going to be and yes i  delivered  him  vaginally  it   hurt lol  but hey i  survived . My mother  had  GD with my little sister and  she was on insulin and  everything was fine  with her Good luck and  keep  us posted
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thanks for your comments.

First shot today. Doing it was far better than thinking about it.  And best of all is that though my fasting was high today, the others so far have been much lower than usual.

Am pretty good on diet and have been avoiding sweets.  I think I've only had one or two square of chocolate since I found out.

Problem is when I get hungry....... this morning after the shot was ravenous. Despite breakfast and snack.... ignored it and it passed.  Will have to be careful or my weight will skyrocket!

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I remember the first few days on the diet and insulin, all I did was stare at the clock wondering when I could eat again. It got better though so hang in there and remember (as a lot of us are trying to with our different circumstances) it is only temporary!!!! =-)
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