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Lucy talking!

She is such a little chatterbox now, have a look!!


I can't wait to see her laugh. Is anyone else's bub laughing yet? I can't remember how old they are when they start anymore..
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They are both gorgous!

Michaela is also doing that.  We can have whole conversations with her - except it doesnt' make sense.  She also sounds like a little chicken sometimes clucking away...

The only part of her body she can control fairly well is her  head.  So we play nodding games.  We nod our heads and then she copies.  We open our mouth - she copies.  Rock our head to the side - she tries to copy.  So much fun!
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I watched both videos....they are both adorable!!!
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awww blesslilly repeats oo sound that i make to her but you have a real chatter box :)
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Wow, that really does sound like Brooke is saying hi!
It is amazing how fast they learn and grow up!

That was great!  xx
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OMG I just watched her video and she is TOO cute... hehe Brooke is like that too.  She's actually been saying "Hi" now for weeks.  Finally we got it on tape and can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw6LTfrRDPU  It's funny now because it's all she says...haha.  

Lucy is sooo adorable.  Thanks for sharing the video.  

Take care.
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