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Nipples: Slow flow vs. Fast flow

Girls.....which nipples are you currently using and how old is your little one! Im asking for our good friend Gina...poor girl cant get any sleep bc Caiden doesnt sleep very long! I thought that maybe he doesnt get a full bottle in and passes out bc it takes him so long to drink with the slow flow nipples...but Im not 100% sure. I know that sometimes if they arent eating at the speed they want.it can exhaust them..and thought maybe that would make the difference.

I have been keeping sarah up past 5 pm tilabout 9-10 and she sleeps for the night......that works for me...took a bit to get in a routine....

If anyone can put some input to get our girl Gina some sleep..I am sure she woudl greatly appreciate it!

Gina, I hope we get some responses...and that some input could help out!!!
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I told Gina that i thought that could have been the problem too.  I'm getting ready to switch my daughter to medium flow (I used the Comfi bottles and they have slow (0-3mth), medium (3-6mth) and fast (6mth+)) becuse sometimes she gets fussy when eating.  She isn't having a problem finishing her bottles, but there are times she messes with the nipple then pumps hers legs and arms, so I don't know what that means or if it means anything at all.
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Oh and my daughter is 11 1/2 weeks.
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Kristin....yea...i thought maybe the nipples.....Sarahs doc had me start her on cereal because of hte amount of formula she was drinking..and i can only use the fast flow nipples with the cereal in it...otehrwise...its way too fast for her (playtex ventaire only has slow and fast).....

i thought maybe it would be worth a shot...

i guess i am just lucky i have a baby that sleeps 8-10 hours every night!
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Thanks for creating this post girl! I really do appreciate it and everyones thoughts and advice. And YES you are super lucky Sarah is a good sleeper!! I envy you for that! :)

But I found our other bottles and the fast nipples, so we're going to try that for the rest of the day and tonight and see how he does. Can't hurt to try!

Caiden does play around with the nipple..likes to bite it which made me think he's starting to teeth, but I do think he drinks WAY too slow. I mean it takes him 20 minutes to drink 2 ounces. Seems to take forever, so lets see if the fast nipples work, if they are too fast I'm going to run out tomorrow and get the medium ones.

Thanks again for your help ladies!
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I've been letting Claire use fast nipples for a couple of weeks on and off. Sometimes she does fine with them, sometimes she drinks too fast and gets choked. I wish Playtex had a medium flow nipple! I have to have her sitting almost upright in order to use the fast nipple in case she starts choking. As she drinks it and becomes more relaxed, I lean her back more and more until the bottle is gone.

The transition wasn't this hard with Levi...seems he took right to the fast nipple.
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My husband just informed me that they DO have a medium flow nipple now. He saw it at Target when he bought the fast nipples. I'm like "WHY didn't you get some then?"

Men...I swear. Needless to say, he is at Target right now getting some. :-)
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Well ladies so far Caiden has had two feedings using the fast nipples and he's doing GREAT with them! He adjusted to them perfectly! Hasn't choked at all...I think he was just so happy that he didn't have to work so hard to get food! He drank 3 ounces in under 10 minutes and than I changed him and he drank another 2 ounces in 5 minutes! He's now passed out. This is the most he's even drank on his own without me practically having to force it down him. So even if he doesn't sleep longer, at least his belly is full and he's eating more!
Will update tomorrow on how his night went! Thanks again girls!
Tomorrow I'm gonna run out and buy more fast nipples...maybe a few mediums just in case!
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We have nipples ladies...
Bottles have teats!
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I thought this was about breasts myself =)  

I kinda wish mine were slow flow.  I keep drowning Myra at first, then it tends to slow down.  LOL  

Again, not sure about bottle nipples, ounces or anything.  I wish you the best of Luck Gina and hope you get your sleep soon~
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Well he didn't sleep much more last night but he did eat more which is a start I guess!

He's been using the fast nipples for a couple feedings now and he's doing really great on them. I think he loves that he doesn't have to work that hard for the formula and he actually finished both his bottles in the middle of the night! (he never does that) so hopefully we're on our way to sleeping through the night!

But I really believe the fast nipples have improved his eating! It takes much less time during a feeding now which is great!
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So glad to hear that Gina...now we need to get Mr. Caiden sleeping!!
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My cousin is a nurse on a maternity floor.  I had trouble when my son was born because it was taking him so long to drink 2 oz.  She told me that if it takes him longer than 20 minutes to finish his serving (at that time it was 2 oz but it should be whatever he should be eating for his age) then he is burning more calories than he is taking in.  She suggested we either switch nipples or take a needle and poke another hole in the nipple.  We ended up switching to another brand of bottles for the slow flow nipple (Evenflo).  After a while we had to switch back to the first ones we tried (Platex Ventaire) because the Evenflo became too fast.  I also learned that as you wash them the nipple hole becomes larger.  
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Thank you for all your comments , I also have a son Caiden that is not eating well at all , he is 4 months old and I can only feed him while he is asleep . I am currently using playtex slow, will try the fast one now, it worked for you maybe it will work for me too. My sitters also suggested Nuk niples because the niples are similiar to his pacifier (avent) and he loves his pacifier. I am so concerned with my baby that I can't even think straight at work. My doctor thinks it is just because he has an ear infection , but it has been 8 days after taking antibiotics and his eating habits has not improved !!!!!!!!
I hope to have better luck like you did GIna    
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