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Lately when I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, my bladder is so full, my kidneys hurt and it normally goes away after I pee...but the past 2 nights,  on and off for 2-3 hrs after I pee i've had very instense , sharp cramping pains in my kidneys...so bad I was ready to drive myself to the emergency room! I've lost a lot of sleep due to this cause I work 10hr days. Does anyone know what this is? My doctor was in surgery all day so I couldn't get an answer from him.
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Oh...the extreme pain that has been lasting is on the right side. Very little pain on the left after I pee.  
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well it  coulld be an  kidney infection  or a kidney stone  myself i  just  suffered through a kidney stones and it was horrible  pain  that actually landed me in the  ER. Call the  doc when u  can  i think he or she will be  able to  give better info  but when   doubt and if it is that bad u can always  go to the Er better to   go in  and be nothing then  have it be something  good luck let me know what happens
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last night I actually woke up 2 pee before my bladder was so full and I actually had no pain at all. But 2day I noticed a couple of times a sharp pain in my upper right side. It only lasted a second both times so its proly nothin. I'm wondering if the built up off pee forced me 2 pass a kidney stone or 2 the other night.
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could have but  sometime when ur bladder isto  full then u can actually have pain  from that all depends  just if it  keep happen i would call the  doc just to make sure if it  still worries u
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help me i am in so much pain yesterday i was in the hospital because there was blood when i wiped then after spending all day in the hospital 2 hrs after i got home my left side started hurting and it feels like kidney pain i have passed kidney stones before and it feels like it but   it is almost a whole night and day and i still havent passed anything and i am still getting pain on and off and i feel so horriable i am scared maybe its not a kidney stone maybe something worse i just don't feel like going back to the hospital and right now at this point i can't my fiance has to work tonight and i have my daughter here and no one to watch her! any suggestions anything to make the pain feel better!? one happy things is i did find out i am Having a BOY! :) <3
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