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Sleeping/Napping Patterns

Hey Mommas!

I've already posted something similar in the main forum but wanted to see a comparison/contrast here since all our babies are somewhat the same age.

I'm just wondering when your babies sleep during the day and for how long. And than at night? I was thinking Caiden was sleeping too long during the day along with his night sleeping. So I wanted to see what everyone elses babies were doing.

Caidens 13 weeks old and lastnight he slept from 7PM-5AM (he normally sleeps from 10PM-5AM) so I dont know if lastnight was a fluke or if its his new schedule. But than he went back to sleep at 6AM until 10AM...than took a 20 minute catnap at 12 noon...than he slept for another 2 hours from 2-4...and than he usually takes one more catnap and than an hour and a half nap from 7-8:30. Than he usually sleeps from 10-5. Are your babies sleeping this much during the day and night? I know a lot of them sleep great during the night but what about during the day??? Just looking for comparisons and contrasts!
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well Mckenna is  about the  same  age and she sleeps from 930 pm to  6 am the she  has her breakfast lol an dis  up for about  30- 40 mins then  takes her morning nap  which goes till about 10 am  then she up for about  two to three hours after that bottle and the usually  falls sleep  right after her  about  1 pm  bottle . then she  will  sleep  from  1- 4 then she  eats  again and is up  unitl about  8 pm  has a  bottle and bath and is in bed  by 9 pm   usually  asleep by 915-930.  Some days  she  sleeps more during the  dya less at night  but that is her usual pattern.
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jaedyn has the same sleeping pattern.  he sleeps form like 10-5 or 6, gets up and has a bottle and then goes back to bed within 2 hours for like 45mins- 1 1/2 hours.  then gets back up and takes a good 1-2 hour nap and lots of cat naps during the day.  he also takes like a 45 minute nap in the early evening, like from 6-7.

so jaedyn sleeps like the same as caiden and mckenna
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Oh so it seems this is normal then. I just feel like he is always sleeping. A nap after each bottle and sometimes the nap is long! But it seems like your little ones are sleeping somewhat the same. Thanks ladies!
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babies the ages of ours sleep about 15 - 17 hours a day (give or take a bit).

Michaela goes to bed about 10 - 11 pm (depends when I'm going to bed or what else I'm doing), then sleeps till about 6 has a feed and then sleeps again till about 9.  then she's up for an hour or two and then sleeps again.  She naps on and off during the day...
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Sophia sleeps from 630pm to about 6am, with little variation. She only does cat naps, about 30-45 mins about 3-4 times a day.  Some naps are about 2 hours but that happens every so often.  I researched and researched about naps, thinking her naps were too short,  but I think this is just her sleep pattern.  She started the 630 to 6am scheduled when she was about 2 and half months old.  Just one night, she went down at 630, which I thought was going to be a nap and then she just stayed asleep.  I even changed her clothes and diaper and she still went back to sleep.  

She eats about every 3 hours, 6oz bottles during the day but her last bottle is around 6pm and her first bottle is around 530/6am, just depending on when she wakes up.  She takes arond 28-32oz in a day but never anymore than 32oz.  
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Do you ladies feel like your babies are always sleeping? I feel like he is awake for a short period after his bottles...but than he starts to get cranky and falls asleep. I guess its normal and its just his sleeping and nap pattern.

Caiden usually eats every 3 hours during the day and drinks between 5-6 ounces. But if he is napping sometimes he'll go 4 hours inbetween bottles. During the night he goes 6-8 hours inbetween his last bottle and than 4-5 hours between his next...then he will drink between 6-8 ounces. Than for the remainder of the day its 3-4 hours...
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Caiden's sleeping and eating pattern sounds pretty similar to Michaela.

Though Michaela drinks less (we usually just give her 3-4 oz of breast milk if I'm not able to breastfeed her directly - and during the day she also eats every 3-4 hours).  She does sleep a lot.  I like it actually - gives me more time to do things.... :)

At night she sleeps from about 10 or 11 though to 6ish.  I start breastfeeding her about 6 then she sleeps til 9 or later.

They won't be sleeping so long for much longer. So let's enjoy it! :)
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Thanks Sally!

Oh believe me, I enjoy every minute of it! I just wanted to see if other babies his age were doing the same thing :)
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Brooke sleeps very well.  She's usually in bed between 10-10:30 every night and up around 9:30-10:30.  I love it and couldn't have it any better.  Her nap time is always right on schedule as well.  She has to have a nap between 12-12:30pm or she's very cranky lol.

Brooke is up a lot during the day but I love it.  I'm not too sure yet exactly how many onces she actually eats since she doesn't want to take a bottle just yet lol.  I'm sure if she's really starving she will but I don't want to do that to her.
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