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Update! Still hanging on.

Hi everyone,

thanks for your concern.

Heather! You're right I'm in the hospital.  kept thinking i would get released quickly, but it hasn't happened and finally today was able to arrange internet.

Not had bub yet, they are trying to stop her coming for at least another week.

Last Monday very busy day.  Was having trouble walking because was having pretty frequent contractions.  Was a bit concerned, but generally contractions in the past stop once I stop walking etc..  Baby was only just over 35 weeks.  Anyway, went home and went to bed straight after work.  Contractions didn't stop.... so about midnight decided to go to the hospital to check what was happening (and hoping they could easily stop the contractions).

Also coughing really badly, asthma and chest infection.  Couldn't breathe.  Pretty high stress situation for my body, I guess.

So they hooked me up to a monitor and sure enough having moderate contractions. But not dilated. They called my Obe and she told them admit on IV drugs to stop contractions. So they admit me, bedrest with no toilet prividedges, and iv line, antibiotics, and asthma meds.  Contractions slowed but didn't stop completely.  After 24 hours they stopped the iv and tried oral meds. Still having intermittent contractions.  They told me they expect NO contractions on these meds.  So now I'm back on IV meds and under observation.

They did stress test for baby and she's doing fine. They are checking her with a doppler 2 - 3 times a day.  My obe will do an internal exam soon (tonight or tomorrow) and see how things are going.  She told me if baby really wants to come she will, but they're going to do their best to keep her in for another week... up to 37 weeks...

No decision yet if I get discharged to go home to wait, or if I get to wait here in the hospital.  Initially they were going to discharge me this morning, but they changed their mind last night.  Now they're talking about keeping me here...

So that's the story.  I guess baby will come pretty quickly once they stop the meds...  

Now that I have internet I'll keep you all informed.....

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Oh precious one..I have been so worried about you.  I just knew that you were in labor when I read that one post.  I was glad to hear that you went to the hospital to find out what was going on.

I really thought with all that with all that coughing that contractions would begin, to be honest with you.  All the pressure down on the uterus with each cough.  I don't know if that is the cause, but glad they have it stopped for now.  Are they giving you magesium sulfate through the IV?  The stuff that makes you feel hot and uckky?

You rest up and get well.  You'll need your strength for delivery day.  Gosh Sally, it's so good to hear from you...My mind can rest now.

Big Friend Hugs to you and baby,
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Glad to hear from you sally, seems like baby girl is testing you already.  I have a virus and I have been bitching and moaning like a baby, I cannot imagine how you feel with asthma acting up and chest congestition. I hope you feel better soon, take it easy and get the rest your body needs.
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Thank you so much for your concern.  You can't know how much I treasure the support of you and all the people on these forums (Or maybe you do :)).

They're giving me IV Isoxuprine to stop contractions.  Side effects are headaches, nausea, palpitations and it irritates the IV site.  But manageable.  My Obe will do an internal exam this morning.  But I went to the toilet last night and after washing had a feel down there.... Wow!  Everything changes - feels really wierd! And I think I could feel the opening of the cervix (a bit like the opening of a small balloon - sorry if that's a gross analogy)...

No magnesium.  With the disappearance of the swelling (Obe reckons the bedrest has "reactivated" my kidneys), my BP has come down to my normal low levels and is looking excellent.  

Hospital room a/c is typically hard to adjust and I'm either freezing or stewing... had blankets brought in and now I'm just getting cosy....

Will keep you all informed here and in my journal.  Will post after I see Obe this morning...

Lots of pressure and baby girl has dropped.  Her daddy really wants her to wait til 15th Jan (He is Chinese and very much believes in Chinese zodiac and says that is the first "good" day within the next few days.....)..... I will do my best to wait.  That's still 5 days away.  Would be nearly 37 weeks and close to optimal.... but will see what Obe reckons about my chances of hanging out.  

Good thing is my waters haven't broken yet and baby is moving heaps.....

And I'm on the Ob-Gyne floor of one of the best hospitals in Manila which means I am being very closely monitored and in immediate access to everything they can offer
Love you.  
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Oh you poor thing!! Hang in there, your little one will be here before you know it! :) Glad to hear you are okay and things are progressing! Lets just hope she will stay in there for a bit while longer! Good Luck and keep us posted!
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im glad they have you under control and kept you... SOunds like she is hanging in there to bake a little longer... Good luck please keep us informed as you are able...
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