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Vomiting and cramping in hips

All of sudden, I'm not sure what's happening, but I got VERY VERY nauseous and started having tons of pressure in my hips and bottom area.  I was walking around the kitchen and just started gagging and the cramps in my stomach were horrible.  I'm not sure what this is and never had this happen to me before during a pregnancy...

Is anyone else queasy and vomiting/crampy in your hips and bottom area?  I was trying to look online what this is and they talk about your body cleaning itself out before labor...I don't know if this is what's happening!?!  I'm just REALLY feeling like poo...
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I think it's just our bodies preparing for birth and cleaning itself for the big event.  I've been having this for a few days now.. not vomiting though.  It's been very very hard to walk with all the pressure.  I have also been sleeping like there's no tomorrow.  If it gets worse I definitely would call it in and see what they have to say.  We don't have much longer to go so hang in there :)
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for the past 5 nights i have been vomitting profusely.  like for more than 10 minutes straight it will not stop.  i have not had the pains you are feeling but the vomitting is horrible.   have heard that many women can get the vomitting at the end of their pregnancies again like at the beginning.
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I'm still doing it....I got thinking, I DID do this with my son, but it wasn;t until a week or so until I had him...I feel good one minute and the next I'm running to the bathroom thinking it would be diaharrea just from the pressure and cramping but I just vomit...it's so hard with a tummy in the way.  

I have work today at the Vet's office and hoping nothing happens (emergencies at work) because I can't deal with the stress and running around~We just have sutcher removals and check-ups :)  THANK GOD!!
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Brandi r u stil haning there? How r you feeling? Been thinking of you, and wondering how your holding up.
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hi,  the nausea is a sign of labor - had that the day my water broke and 2 days before. so is the poo feeling - but that precedes the final pushing.  i reckon things are happening.  Goto L&D!?

take care. you"re nearly there.
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This is weird I was just wondering about this same thing,
I have been very nauseas the last 2 weeks or so, no vomiting tho just feeling very ill. I find that if I eat something it goes away! Im 36 weeks now and having a ceasar in 2 weeks around the 10th feb! CAnt wait so excited.
Hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks Girls~

I'm still feeling like ****.  It just hit me really hard that night and the day after, but I'm just nauseous and crampy~I just wish SOMETHING would happen.  LOL  I've been cleaning, bending over picking toys up, laundry...anything to keep me busy now that I'm 37 weeks.  But eatting is getting tough, just don't feel up to it.  

I wish you all the best and it's going to be our turn soon :)  
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Really not long now. you"re 37 weeks so baby will be fine.
Don"t worry about the eating. just pick.  Am betting you"ll be welcoming baby in the next few days.
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Yeah...well as you well know each pregnancy is different, this one is very different than my first!!  

I have too been feeling nauseous at times, not all the time...but nausious.  Sleeping is not going well...my hips are killing me, I have to switch sides like every hour, and sometimes when i walk around I get this sharp stabbing feeling in my cervix, tons of pressure, and the feeling as if I have a bowling ball stuck between my legs!!  i feel like I have to go poo all the time, but nothing coomes out, and when I sit on the toilet, I feel this big bulge near the opening of my vagina!!  It feels really weird!!  Oh, and my nipples hurt!!  I am sure there is more, but that is just what sticks out in my mind just now...

Ahh...all these lovely symptoms, you know what I will NOT miss them!!  We are all really close!!
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