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Weight Gain

If you ladies are willing to share, I was interested in how much weight we've all put on. Now that we're nearing the end here I've heard the weight starts to pile on!! Which scares me because I've already put on 25 pounds!! I was 30 weeks Pregnant yesterday and in total, 25 pounds. I feel like thats sooo much! But my doctor said it was perfect because I was so tiny to begin with...but it still freaks me out. I have another 8-10 weeks to go and I thought you put on the most weight then! By looking at me, it's all in my belly which makes me wonder if Caiden is going to be a big boy! I can't wait until my next U/S where they can weigh him again!
Anyone else want to share??
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I have gained 24 pounds so far, but let me just say i was NOT tiny to begin with and four of those pounds were gained in the last two weeks. Not to sure how it will go from here on out as the technician said the twins growth will slow down as space becomes tight. I can't imagine if I continue like this until the end, that would be 22 more additional pounds... I don't know though. I am sure i will probaby gain for a few more weeks and than slow down or stop altogether. The nice news is that 5 pounds of my weight gain is baby right now and when you add in the placenta and everything else it doesn't seem so bad.
I gained 26 or 28 pounds with my son and I am not sure I gained much of anything the last five weeks or so, so I wouldn't stress - your almost done. Plus if you plan to breastfeed it should come off rather quickly. I was back to pre-pregnancy weight minus another 11 pounds at 8 weeks post.
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umm i have not gained anything yet. I started out very very heavy. I have lost about 30lbs so far. The doctor says this is really a good thing because i will come out of this heathlier than i began....Most likely i am gonna start gaining back some of these pounds in the next months.....  
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I have gained 17 pounds at 25 weeks, I go back to the doctor on Dec. 4th, so I will see what I have gained since 25 weeks.
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they have me at about 10lbs all together beign a heavy girl that is  good for me  seeing as  like joneele i am goingto  come healthier after  she is born . it is  quite  funny  being  26 weeks  preggo and stillfitting in  some of my non maternity  clothing ( all my scrubs fro  work still  fit lol). it seems like i  gain two punds one week the  next time  i loose three but i  still cant see my feet lol
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i think i am at about 15 lbs so far.  I was pleasantly plump to begin with.  I am trying to convince myself to start using my treadmill and maybe start walking more in the AM's to see if i can at least off set some of the end pounds.
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i've gained about 28 lbs at last measurement (2 weeks ago).  20 lbs of that has been in the last 2 months. I have my next visit in a week and hate to think what my weight will do then.  My doctors are not happy with my rapid weight gain, and I'm getting lectured at every visit.  I'm not happy with it either, but reckon there's a good bit of fluid retention going on and so I won't beat myself up over it.  Despite this, I am a bit scared where I'll end up if I have another 2 months of this same rate of gain!

Can't exercise so much now.  Weight of baby on laparatomy is very uncomfortable and still having a lot of tummy pain.  Looking forward to seeing baby in 8 - 10 weeks. :)
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