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What do you love and hate


Our babies are all growing so fast.  They're already not tiny babies, but turning into people....

Just thought I'd get some conversations going here.  Some questions to answer.

What do you love most about your baby / having a baby?
- I love bathing her at night.
- smelling her sweet scent
- having her feeding contentedly at my breast and knowing I'm providing for her.
- watching her sleeping / watching her smiling / listening to her chuckling away (she sounds like a bird)
- the effect she (and all small babies have on people) and how conversations get started with total strangers...

What do you least like?
- when I have to leave her with her nanny when I go to work.  
- when she won't settle at my breast and screams and fusses and wriggles
- when the poop comes out the top of the nappy (even worse when it get's all over my clothes)
- when she sometimes screams and screams and i can't work out what is wrong.....
- when she screams when she's restrained in the carseat and i can't do anything but keep driving listening to her wailing
- being so tired (though it is worth it).....
- when my boobs leak (last night I woke up in a big wet patch - probably my body was making up for not enough milk in the morning - I couldn't pump any) - last night was my first time to leak to that extent......
- my body not being back to it's normal (which was nothing spectacular to begin with) shape....
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yes sally they are growing so fast.  jaedyn will be 8 weeks on tuesday.

i love everything about being a mommy even the rough days.  the one thing i do not like is the fact that my fiance has not been as involved the past 2 weeks as he once was.  he is not helping durning the night at all.  i just might punch him tonight if he doesnt help.

other than that jaedyn is great.  he sleeps 5-6 hours straight now at night.  he barely ever cries.  he loves smiling at you and playing.  

oh i also do not like my body not being back to normal.  this belly flap thing i have going on because of the c-section is not cute at all.
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Leighanne...im with you.....after c-section belly...flabby..not pretty at all!!

My DH has NOT ONCE gotten up in the middle of the night..its all me....and he doesnt work Tues-fri and stays home with Sarah while I work M-F and I am still the one getting up!! I think its always going to be like that....!
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Aww, Sally, I really enjoyed your post! It made me smile! I love everything that you love, especially nursing...I especially love having her look up at me, into my eyes while she's eating, and seeing that little hand laid on my breast, or holding onto my shirt!
I also love the little fake sneezes she does...she gets all geared up for this huge sneeze, but then just this tiny little baby coo comes out, it's so incredibly adorable!!
I actually enjoy getting up with her at night; I wouldn't let my husband do it if he wanted to! But he works very hard and I am mostly a stay at home mom, only work very part time, so it's a little easier for me, it works out nicely.
I also hate the poop out the top, Sally, haha! But I got a bigger size diaper and that rarely happens anymore. Plus she sleeps sort of reclined, in her swing, I'm sure that helps too.
Actually I can't really think of much else I don't like about it...being a mommy is totally amazing, fulfilling and satisfying, it's exactly what God designed me for and I adore it!
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well taht was a cute post  SAlly  i Also hate when  poop comes out the  top and sides of the  daipers drives me nuts.  lol  Well i love everything about  being a mom  seeing as this is the  third time around for. I found that the more kids u have the  easier it seems to  get if that makes sense  caus eu arent  freaking out at every little thing
i wish the  DH  was more involved to help at  night  HE will get up and  get teh  bottle for me  but  even though i  am  up since 530 am that morning an di  dont get home until  2 am  from work makes things a little harder on me  now seeingas i now  am back to  work  and i work second shift   i think  once she is  sleeping through the night  it will be easier, But she is now becomeing more interested in the world around her and started to  smile and try to laugh so  the funner times are  begining
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i love:
* Her beautiful smile
*Breastfeeding her
*Her little noises she makes
*Her spiky hair
*the way people stop and look at her in the street
* The downy hair she stil has on her ear's and sholders
* her little toes
*the way she stops crying when i hold her
*i love her soooooooooo much and i love being her mother!

i dont like:
*strechmarks and baby fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*when i cant settle her :( i dont like to see her sad
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I love
the cooing
the smiling
the way people stop and stare and say "twins??"
watching Aiden kiss them & imitate me rocking them with his toy giraffe
when I can figure out why they are crying and fix it
the softness
the smell
watching them sleep
watching my parents/family enjoy them

I hate
the baby leftover belly
stretch marks
getting emotional when I can't make them stop crying
the fact that right now its hard to go anywhere by myself with the kids - I always need help
somedays I feel like I haven't spent anytime with my two yr old
the idea that they may be our last
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One of my favorite things is Sophia's smile and giggles in the morning! What an awesome way to start my day.  

One of least favorite things is the "baby leftover belly"  (as sadies put it).  
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