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What should I do, trying to find a birth center!!!

Okay well I decided I definitely want to give birth at a birthing center. The problem is I can't find any online or anything in the town I'm going to be in when I give birth. Im getting so frustrated! I will be moving to Fresno Ca and i cant find any info on birthing center in or even near there! What should I do? It is my goal to give birth in a birthing center, not only for the experience but for the price too. We will be paying out of pocket and birthing centers are so much more affordable than hospitals not to mention I HATE hospitals and I really don't ever feel comfortable in them.

Any ideas?
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Try this link see if it works


If not, go to www.local.com
use birth center for the keywords, and fresno as the location. It gave me like 4 names of midwives. They would be able to give you info on birth centers. Also calling planned parenthood in the fresno area and asking about birthing centers is another option..,

Good Luck!
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Thanks, thats what I did I tried to search everything like fresno birthing center, california birthing centers and looked through to see if there was any. My last resort is calling some midwives and asking but since I couldnt find a website or anything and they usually have one Im thinking there is probably not one there.

So after I fond out for sure we'll start considering/planning a home birth. I haven't decided for sure yet, but I reallllllly hate hospitals and want to avoid them pretty badly. They make me so so uneasy i just hate them! So homebirth it will probably be...if there are no birthing centers.
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