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any one else got this?

hi all, ive just returned from the hospital yet again after more blood test and they have found that my blood platletes have dropped again now at 79, its difficult to find out anything about this from them because of the language barrier but they seemed concerned about it and have to go back for furthur tests. has any1 else got this and know what this means? i went to the hospital origingly for palpatations and a thyroid problem which seems to have been swept under the carpet and forgotten about but why is my platelet count still falling? i googled it and have slightly scared myself but i know it can be caused by pregnancy but what are the risks of this and what does it all mean?! ive got to wait another 2 weeks for more blood tests but im edging closer and closer to having this baby and it all seems to be being left untill the last minute im dreading them saying that ive left it too late and there ending up being a bigger problem for me and my baby but its so difficult to understand the severety of this when its all being said in broken english, i really hope some1 can put my mind at ease and explain what this all means?
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Its scary when you dont understand whats going on. I 2 have been having problems with low platletes. I dotn know how low they were this time, but my Dr. had me do another test today. the concern with low platleles from what My dr. told me, is that plateless stop blood loss by clumping together and forming plugs in blood vessel holes. So the concern is loosing to much blood. It happens to some pregnant women,
I wish i had asked more questions, but i figured its heritatery since my grandma, and my mom have that problem. But whats intersting is that,  like you have had thyroid problems, I wonder if there is any connections. Dont worry everything will be o.k.
I just hope you can find a Dr.that speaks good english so you can put your mind at ease.
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my platelets were also low at the last test.  However, my doctors (endo and Obe) just commented on it but don't seem too worried.  My hemoglobin is also low at 15 (range is 25 - 35 for non-pregnant women).  I also have thyroid problems and am on thyroid replacement.

I did do some research on this and it is normal during pregnancy for them to be low compared to non-pregnant people, and even apparently is healthy. Ie. hemoglobin in pregnancy is not considered"anaemic" unless it is less than 10 - 12. This is due to the extra blood volume that we have at the moment (about 50% more).

Keep drinking plenty of fluids, take your prenatal supplements, and iron with vitamin C.  Or iron rich foods, combined with vitamin C.

Don't worry too much about it.  Let the doctor's worry.
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Sorry I can't help but wish you the best of luck and hope you find some answers soon.
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