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me and my partner have not been getting on lately, today i went to see the dr and was told to stay at home for 48hrs and take it easy! much to his inconveniance as it is his day off, rather than being concerned about me and his child he was pissed of that he couldnt play on the xbox all day as he had planned, i got upset and it turned into a argument now hes saying he is leaving because i told him im fed up with being made to feel like **** all the time he always rejects me! all weekend his brother stayed around and we all went down town he was going in all his shops but as soon as i asked to go into a baby shop to get some more bits and some tops for me as iv grown out of all my tops he got ****** with me! then they come home and paint these little models and i ask if they can do it outside as my house stunk of cemicals and that upset him, and he planned for joe(his brother) to come around tonight as well to do more painting i told him that if he wanted to help his brouther he could do it at his mums where his bro lives because i dont want the mess to clean up.
arghhhhhh  im so fed up.
and its stressing me out and i no thats also not good for baby!
i dont no what has got into him hes acting like a child! i no i can be moody and hormonal but im not that bad but he keeps blaming it on me and my moods
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Sounds to me like you'd be better off (and more relaxed and at peace) if he DID leave!
I've never seen someone so inconsiderate of someone, especially when that someone is carrying THEIR baby!
Do you not have anyone YOU can go stay with? Someone who can help you out while you're pregnant and going through this? I wouldn't necessarily want to stay by myself if I didn't have to, but maybe a short separation would do you both a lot of good. He'd realize what it's like to not have you around, and how it will be in an empty house after his brother/friends aren't around and have all gone home to their kids/wife, etc...

If your doctor is worried about you and the baby right now, then you need to take that very seriously, no matter WHAT your boyfriend does or says. I'd rather be away from him and get some peace than to end up miscarrying b/c of the stress he puts on you. Either way, I'd end up by myself, because I wouldn't want to be with him if he caused me to miscarry. Might as well have a separation now and see where your relationship is going. If he refuses to get counseling and refuses to meet you even HALF-WAY just PART of the time, then I'd be rethinking my whole relationship with him. Everyone has a right to be on this earth and be happy...and right now, he's just s ucking your chance at happiness away, if you ask me.
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oh hun im sorry i dont know what to say! Im sorry you have to be treated like this. I agree with hope2oneday, its appaling to be so inconsiderate of the woman you're with but when she is also carrying your child, what the h*ll is wrong with him! Amd im so sick of some people excusing some men's bad behavior during pregnancy as "he's trying to adjust to the idea of a new baby blah blah"..its like, they have no reason to have some crisis and be all dramatic when WE'RE the ones actually going through it all. We have the morning sickness, the aches and pains, the weight gain, the stretch marks, the leaky/achey boobs, and the grand finale, we push out a bowling ball!!!

my hubby is absolutely wonderful to me so this isnt directed at him, but for all the men that dont pamper or at least respect and are NICE to the woman carrying their child they deserve to p!ss out a few marbles. at least then theyd have something to be grumpy about.

sorry about the rant, its just you deserve to be pampered... and not that you are but even if you WERE wrong he should be treating you like a princess right now! gahh...this frustrates even me and i dont even go through it, sorry again

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your BF is acting like a spoiled child, ur better off staying with someone who will help you now. u should take care and the baby, u dont need added stress. When your ready to talk to him, u should ask him why he's been acting that way. I dont think you mood swings have anything to do with the way he is acting. I think he feels that everything is changing to fast for him, and he does not know how to deal with it. Good luck
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thanks girls for your replys hes just acting like a child it was all over the tv this moring the fact that he couldnt spend the day infront of it b/c i was home, its just wearing me out and i realy dont need this, after going through 3 miscarrages together you would think he would be on top of the world atm, im soo happy my babys ok but hes just taking all the happynes and fun out of it :( we did speack and he said hes ****** because hes in debt but hes only in debt because hes careless with his money, im not in debt and i pay for the bills and food and earn less than him! and he dose not understand the debt affects me to as WE are having a baby in 17 weeks time, he is now sitting on my living room floor and playing his xbox im so tempted just to chuk that thing out the window!!!
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OUCH, Its a hard situation. Money problems can really weigh down a realtionship. Has he been trying to take care of his financial situation? he needs to get rid of all his credit cards, he should try credit consolotadion. U dont want to be the only one bringin money home once the baby comes
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he hasnt got any credit cards hes not in alot of debt it about £500 i think but he spent it on **** that he dose not need.
thanks for your message x
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Sounds to me like if he's got extra time to be playing the X Box, then he's got enough time to get another part time job until he pays off the debt. Or if he was really worried, he'd be selling the X-Box and all the games until he gets financially secure. He won't have time for X-Box games anyway, once the baby gets here, believe me.
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