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baby can't poop

my grandson is 7 weeks old and he has not pooped in 2 days...we have been giving him karo syrup in his water like the dr said too but its not working...hes pooped a little hard ball yesterday and the same the day before...u can see the poop but it just won't come out ...it looks dark green...that makes me think of too much iron ....hes on infomil gentle...i don't know what to do for him...he screams each time he tries to push it out...i know hes in pain...i hope someone can help him
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You can prevent this from happening by giving him diluted pear, prune or grape juices - unlike some juices, these are safe for babies to drink (1 oz at a time) practically from birth.  They have nutritional value and have a laxative effect - a great combination.

But if it's been 2 days already, you should put a baby-size glycerine suppository in him (or a soap-sliver suppository) - he needs rapid relief, something that'll make him do a dooey in 15 mins or less
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