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how long did it take for you to stop bleeding? its on 7 weeks for me.. it stopped for a bit but it started again then stopped again then started again..
its depressing
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It is possible that you finished your bleeding after birth only to start your first period..
Check with your doctor if you are concerned.
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The same thing happened with me; I'm 7 weeks also, and have stopped and started like you said, but a couple of days ago I really started, and I am assuming it is my first period. Which seems odd, since I am exclusively breast feeding....so, I don't know!
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i thought i had my first period before but it was really light.. this is too which is confusing.. yeah u still get a first period with bf too.
thanks for the responses
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according to what I read it's not unusual for post partum bleeding to stop start, particularly in the first 2 months.  So could still be postpartum.

Solus if you're breastfeeding, it's very unlikely to be a period.

I also had light spotting around 8 weeks - and was thinking period.... but am pretty convinced it's not and is just things still settling down (am also breastfeeding exclusively)...
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i am also bfing
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I bled from my delivery for 5 weeks. I tore really bad so I figured I would bleed from it for a while and I did. Than right away I got my period for another 2 weeks! I knew it was my period because I got all the cramping and headaches. So in all I bled for a little over 7 weeks and finally its stopped! But it does suck to go from bleeding from stitches straight to your dang period!
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It has been over three months since my c-section and I still experience bleeding when I exert myself - am going to the doc tomorrow about it. I get a lot of painful cramping either before or after it happens - its never much nor lasts more than a day or two but it always happens at the most inconvient times. I got my first real period last month and holy cow was it heavy and painful - for the first few days I thought I may be bleeding to death. I am not sure if it has anything to do with being on the BC with just the single hormone but I am also going to change that as I am no longer breastfeeding.
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I have done the samething as sadiesmommy. And off and on it is really light. I just took as my body was getting use to mirena. But have never thought anything about it. Expect for  the real heavy period.  And that isnt like me for it to be heavy.
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yeah its on 9 weeks and im still bleeding lightly
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