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my baby cant poop

lilly didnt poo for 3 days, she was crying because her tummy was hurting and so i took her to the drs on friday night and he gave her a some sort or tablet thing for her bottom and said if she didnt poo in 2hours to take her to the hospital, we ended up at the hopital and waited for 3 hours more and she finaly pooed, now agen she has not been for another 2 days shes screaming all the time her tummys swolen and hard and shes hurting so i go back to the drs (diffrent dr this time) and she didnt seem to botherd, gave her a laxative called senna and still no poo!!!
lillys brestfed baby and iv also been giving her cooled boiled water to help move things along! any ideas of what else i can do? i thort it was a cause for concern when a baby this young is blocked up as toxins build up!
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that is odd because all the research on the internet says that breast fed babies can not get constipated.

some people think that its wrong but my lil guy did not poop for 2 days and i gave him literally just less than 1/8 teaspoon of karosyrup and within 2 hours he poop like crazy and we have not had any issue since.  some people say you should not give it to them but so many others say go ahead.  it is another one of those debates like vaccinations or no vaccination, BPA free or regular bottles.

just something for you to think about if it comes down to it and you might need it.
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Oh girl, I feel your pain! My little guy had this problem just a little over a week ago! He hadn't gone poo in 2 days and you could tell he was all backed up...tummy was hard, he would bare down and try to poo and nothing. The poor thing. We also took him to the doctors and he didnt seem worried but he did stick a tablet up there and when he did he said that his anal hole is smaller than average. He said it happens to quite a few babies but parents dont usually know unless a doctor sticks their finger up there. So he said it will get larger the harder his poops are..but until then he will just have to "work harder" at pooping. He said it wont be painful for him since his poops are wet but just harder work.

My poor angel...so he said we could continue to stick tabs up there (which I cannot do because it made Caiden so uncomfortable and I just can't do it!) or he said give him pedialyte inbetween bottles just to get him rehydrated and pooping more. It seemed to work..a day after we gave it to him his pooping was back on track. So we stopped giving him it but keep a bottle on hand just incase. Other than that, you can try laying her on her back and moving her legs like a bicycle...thats supposed to make it easier for them.

It's so tough! And all this happened to Caiden when we had to switch his formula 3 times! So the poor thing was backed up and his digestive system was all messed up due to the formulas. It was tough, he cried and cried and we knew it was his tummy because it was hard and the way he was moving his legs. We really tried every trick in the book! But the pedialyte seemed to work. It was so difficult, but we got through it! Hope this helps!
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We've had issues with this as well since Claire started taking formula along with breast milk.

These are the things suggested by my doctor (on a paper they gave me about babies with constipation)

1. Try one to two teaspoons of LIGHT Karo syrup in each bottle (no matter how much liquid they're taking) If you bf, maybe you could pump a few times so you can do this.

2. Prune juice mixed with water (1/2 and 1/2, but only about an ounce total)

3. Glycerin suppositories (We have used Walgreens brand in the past, but recently bought CVS and they're nice and small on one end. I don't stick the entire thing up there. I just use a little Vaseline on her behind, the insert the small end and hold it there for a minute or so. The act of putting it up in there is enough to stimulate the bowels most of the time. Last week, I actually had to insert one a few times for about 45 seconds each time until she started pooping. I could see a little bit of yellow on the suppository, so I knew she was about to go. After she didn't go for about 5 minutes, that's when I inserted it again. After the third time, she started pooping right then.

4. Stimulate the bowels with a thermometer. This is the way they'd LIKE you to do it instead of a suppository, but I'm scared I'll stick it too far and hurt her. I like the suppositories because I at LEAST know they melt and are soft if left there a while.
Just make sure you get a good grip on the end of the supp. with your fingernails or something, because if they squirm, you could lose your grip and let it slip right in! LOL Not that it would kill them, but I couldn't do that to my baby.

Try one of these at a time...not all of them. Try the Karo first, and then if it doesn't work after a day or two, try another method.

Hope this helps. It's perfectly normal for a baby to go a couple of days without pooping. It's hard on them (and US) but it's not a problem unless they haven't gone in like 4 or 5 days I believe. Claire went on a Sunday night and didn't go again until that following THURSDAY!! Now THAT'S bad!! We've got it under control now though. She goes every other day...which is fine with me.
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About 6 weeks our breast milk changes and babies start pooping much less often.

Michaela sometimes seems to have pain when pooping and she gets very fussy when she't trying to go...
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well the did one almighty poo today girls lol dr gave her some senna and my god it was everywhere! thankgod she has been so much more happy since she pooped!
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whew! that's great to hear. amazing  the importance of poop to our lives now.
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Leighanne 143. How old was your baby when you give him that.. My baby is having a bad time going poop and I dont know what to do the drs. say nothing and I dont want to stand by and hear him cry and I know it hurts him...
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my son was the same way omg it was awful he finally not like that anymore and he is 4 now my doctor told me to use miralax little less than half cap in 8oz of fluid it works trust me! my son was so bad he would bleed and all message me if you need to chat but im not sure how old the child is once the child around 1 they can use that, if not use karol syrup it help a lot and works like a charm
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