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10wks pregnant and bleeding Baby HB 154

Just wondering if other women have this problem and would like to know the out come. I had a MC last year and it was at 5wks. This time I started spotting  brownish stringy discharge at 6 wks and had a sono at 8wks baby was ok had a HB of 184 and 2wks later I started bleeding/spotting so I went to ED because it was red and it was more so they did another sono and the sono showed baby moving and HB 154.... the sono also showed a Small Peri- Gestational Hemorrhage . So Dr told me I was consider a threatend MC and that some women can bleed up untill labor. I went to see my OB the next day we saw baby again and it was ok he told me that the bleeding was a concern but since I am at 10wks its a good sign and has me on pelvic rest for now and wants to see me in 2wks for a follow up. So I am praying that we have a healthy baby and would love to stop the spotting/Bleeding. So just would like to hear from othe
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Hi I'm going through the same thing...how did your pregnancy go after all this occurred? I'm almost 12 weeks and bleeding moderately but so worried :(
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