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NEW!!! Manage my Pregnancy Application!

Another new App ladies......Manage My Pregnancy App


How far along in your pregnancy are you? Are you gaining enough weight? Are backaches and morning sickness normal at this stage?

Medhelp's free My Pregnancy app allows users to manage their pregnancy quickly and easily and to find answers to these common pregnancy questions. The My Pregnancy app will help you calculate your due date, check that your weight gain is normal based on your pre-pregnancy weight and what week you're in, count down the days until your baby is born, and track your pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, breast tenderness, backaches, cramps, food aversions and cravings. The My Pregnancy app will also tell you how often other expectant moms experience those symptoms and give you tips on how to alleviate or manage your symptoms.

Benefits of the My Pregnancy App

Quickly see where you are in your pregnancy and how many weeks you have left until your baby's arrival
Check to see if your weight gain is normal based on your pre-pregnancy BMI
Track your symptoms so you know how often you've experienced a certain symptom
Compare your symptoms to those experienced by other expecting moms
Get tips on how to alleviate and manage your symptoms, from morning sickness to Braxton-Hicks

Again, medhelp loves the feedback and hopes you enjoy this one.

More to come, applications such as:
Baby Name Picker
Baby Bump Gallery for photos
Ultrasound Gallery

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