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NEW!!! My Pregnancy This Week Application!

Ladies, a new app for us pregnant women to check out!!!

My Pregnancy This Week App:

What's happening to your body this week? What's happening to your baby next week? What should you be doing each week of your pregnancy? Is this normal? Who can I talk to who is going through the same experience?

Get answers to these questions and more with MedHelp's free app, My Pregnancy This Week. Each week, you'll learn all about what is happening to you and your baby, get tips on what to do and see who else is in the same week.

What to expect from Week 1 to Week 40!
Benefits of the My Pregnancy This Week App
Learn what is happening to you from Week 1 to Week 40
Find out what is happening to your baby from conception to birth
Receive a weekly email with information on your pregnancy
Find other expecting moms at the same stage to ask questions and learn from

Medhelp appreciates any feedback and we hope you enjoy it!!!
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