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November Updates!! Where is everyone?

Well, we do a monthly update section in the February 2009 Babies Forum for us girls who gave birth that month, and I thought, why not do it in this forum, so we can update on whats new with us, how we are feeling, and things about life in general.......

Here I go!

Okay ladies, my little baby girl is 9 months old TODAY!!

Sarah's 9 mo. appt is at 4 pm today and she has to get a bunch of shots...not looking forward to it!

The past 4-5 days she has not been sleeping as long as normal. Not sure if its because of this whole time change thing or not, but shes reallly going to bed between 8-9 and waking up between 3-5. I was up at 315 this morning (She went to bed at 8, me at 10). I brought her to bed which I never do..she tossed and turned and then seemed like she was going to lay and go to sleep with me, only for her to get fussy. So I got her up, gave her a bottle, rocked her and she passed out.....I layed her back down in her crib at 515 and started getting ready for work. I decided to come in an hour or so early bc there was no point in going back to bed for 45 minutes to an hour.

Other than that, Sarah is doing great! I just got her 9 mo pictures taken this past Sunday..shes such a cutie pie, will upload that when I get them.

Sarah I think will be walking by Xmas..she walks on her own with her walker toy.
She is eating all sorts of stuff....and LOVES gerber puffs..they are her favorite.

She is obsessed with Baby Einstein videos...the puppets on them are her favorite. Her favorite is Baby Noah for 9 months and up!

My pregnancy is going well, except my pelvic bone has REALLY been bothering me and Im not sure if its just the couple days after my husband and I BD or what. Who knows..going to discuss on Thursday at my 24 week appt!

Hope all is well with everyone.
Check in when you have time!

Cant believe I will be less than 2 weeks away from having my second daughter on Sarah's first birthday!
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Hi all, well I went and had my 1 hour glucose test today. Fingers crossed I passed.
Also took my daughter Quinn today for her H1N1 vaccine at her peds office. I have yet to get the vaccine but at least she is protected. My OB office is not getting it in and all of the local clinics ran out in a matter of hours. So looks like I am out of luck for now.

I am now 26w2d preggers and it seems to be flying by so quickly. Been having a lot of pelvic pain and pressure. Doc checked at my appt last Wed and cervix is still long and closed. However my blood pressure is high and they fear pregnancy induced hypertension just like I had with Quinn. Def looks like an end of Jan induction for me. He said he may put me on a low dose of BP meds so Gavin can cook until at least 37 weeks. I go back in this Thurs to be checked again. If still high I will end up doing weekly OB visits until he is born.

Other than just the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. ;) Sleep is becoming more difficult as it hurts so bad to shift positions.  Gavin however is nice and active. Some kicks are so strong I can feel them in my stomach and my back. Ouch!! LOL

Cannot wait to see how the rest of you are doing,
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Things are going well with me....only took until the six month, but I am kind of showing now!  As a FTM I knew it would take awhile, but not this long.  I think it helped that the baby switched positions.  Switching positions not only made me look a little bit pregnant, but I also sleep MUCH Better now.  The LO use to kick me anytime I would lay on my side so it was a struggle, not I can sleep and only get up twice to use the rest room.  

I really haven't had any aches and pain yet, but that is probably because I don't have much of a belly to show for.  I'm not complaining in that department.  I feel bad when I read your notes on different pains.  I have been able to keep up my exercise routine for the most part....I lack some motivation but I am still jogging 3 days a week and walk the other days.  It still hasn't kept me from getting bigger thighs.  UGH!!!  My goal was to make it to the third trimester still running...almost there!

I go in for my glucose test on Thursday and other than that all seems to be well.  My SO and I started our baby prep classes last week, with that we got a hospital tour, so things are crusing along.  Our goal now is to get the nursery all set up by the end of the year, we are half way there.

Overall a pretty boring and uneventful pregnancy....which I guess is good.  :)
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Hi ladies!! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well for the most part!!
My little girl Cailen (KayLynn) turned 12 YEARS OLD today!!! I can't believe it!! We had a great day, went to Toys R Us then Kroger to pick out a cake, then Rich (DH) came home from work with presents!! I think were going to do her BDay party (sleep over) not this weekend but next... due to finances. Work is slow this time of year.
As for me, so far so good, no more preterm labor so far (fingers crossed) just been taking it as easy as possible while chasing Nolan (now 22 months old)! Have my weekly appointment tomorrow. I will be 23 weeks!!
I feel you all on not being able to sleep well! With Nolan (and everyone else) adjusting to the time change, and getting bigger and all the aches and pains that go along with that sleep has not been easy, but other than that I really don't have any complaints. Just praying to get to at least 36 weeks (thats when DS was born and was able to come home with me, DD was a 30 weeker and did 5 weeks in the NICU), but taking it one week at a time.
I am slightly irriatated today as DD's father (who hasn't seen her or sent so much as a card or made a phone call since she was 18 months old) found me on myspace today and sent a message saying "happy birthday Cailen"... I don't even want to show it to her... I don't know if thats right or not because I don't want to keep anything from her, but come on... after 11 years thats the best he can do????? Not like my parents haven't had the same address and phone # for 40 years! Or he could have at least sent me a message with his # or asking for an address to send something or ANYTHING... UGH!!! I think we are going to have my DH adopt her very shortly (its what she wants).
Anyway... before I write a novel LOL!
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Well, my daughters 9 mo appt went great! My chunker baby is 20 lbs 14 oz and 28.5 inches long!!!! Such a big girl she is!!! cant believe she will be 1 and then the next baby will be here in the same month!
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I had my OB appointment and I'm being sent for a repeat u/s in 3 weeks to check femur length.  Apparently it's only "marginally" off, so they are sending me for a routine follow-up.  I had a little freak out, but feel much better now.  Other than that, he's definitely getting bigger because I'm feeling movement throughout the day now, not to mention that he moved to a transverse position because I get hits on the left side and kicks on the right!  I think he's on a schedule too, and I find that fascinating.

I still have hip pain, but it's better than before and turning over in bed is getting more challenging.  I'm hoping to get one of those bed pillows soon.  Oh yeah, and I caught a cold, so that's yucky, but it's not the flu, so it's livable.

My Dad is in ICU, but is recovering (from pulmonary edema).  He should be out by Friday.

Other than that, I've been busy sewing for the little one which has been fun.  I'm pretty sure I won't be doing much sewing after he arrives!  We still don't have a nursery set up, but we finally ordered a crib.

I don't go for my glucose tolerance test until my next appointment.  Otherwise, my health is good and I've actually lost weight (I'm on the heavy side).

That's about it for me for now.
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Bump.... Only 5 of us posted updates. Anyone else like to share how they are doing?
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Let's see...Things are going well here. DS, DH and myself all have had the H1N1 vaccine so I'm glad on that front :-) This pregnancy is FLYING BY!!! I can't believe I am 26wks already. On another plus side, I start maternity leave in 10wks lol!

We got the results of our anatomy scan this past Monday, and she has the same thing that DS had when I was p/g with him. Tiny Bilateral choroid plexus cysts. They are not concerned about them at all since they are tiny and on both sides. They should resolve themselves the way DS's did. So I have another full anatomy scan on Dec. 1st to check them. I guess at least we get to see our little girl again (and make sure she's still a she lol!!!). Really the only thing bothering me is still my pelvis, but it's been this way since about week 10. The heartburn is getting increasinly worse again too! But I don't want to complain since we tried for over 2yrs to get her!! My next OB appt. is on Dec. 3rd along with my glucose test that day...yuck!

Our upstairs is finally coming along nicely. I should be able to paint later this weekend (found paint at Home Depot that is earth friendly and has no VOC's aka no vapors.).  After that we will be able to get the carpet and trim in and move DS upstairs :-) Then comes putting the nursery back together lol - I am NOT doing the crib!!!

Glad to hear everyone else is doing fairly well!!
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The Fresh Air paint at home depot is awesome. That is what I used to paint my daughters room last year when I was preggo. However, I noticed, that the paint gets used up ALOT quicker. I used an ENTIRE gallon on the smallest room in our house! Literally,its a tiny room, so be prepared in case you have to buy more than expected.
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Lance: Thanks for the tip!!! I have one room upstairs, a small hallway and a very small half bath to prime - going to do that today. I bought 2gallons of primer, but if it's not enough I just have to go back lol ( I like Home Depot, especially at Christmas time!!!). I'm going to take pics of what it looks like now (the one room is a completely new addition to the house...) and then take pics after when it's all done and set up :-) Hope everything is well your way!!!
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I had my glucose test today, had to yell at the nurse because time was running out and did not want to drink that **** again. I am 28w6dys today, time is flying by and the count down begins. I have been so tired that my yoga classes got tossed out the window, walking(what is that) can I put that in when I take my dog out twice a day. I am loosing my mind at work I forget everything, and I absolutely HATE driving it takes me 40 mins to work and maybe and hour back home and I am pissed by 15 mins. I dont have alot of help DH is deployed overseas and my parents live 6 hours away, and my friends aparently have a life so I am doing it on my own groceries you name it. I wish I had money to hire a help ASAP.

Enough of that, after one scare going in for early contractions about a month ago I have managed to keep myself hydrated and my little Sky is active as ever I am starting to think she will be a track star like her momma. I am just praying that she stays put till the very end because I am looking at going on leave Jan 22nd. Anything sooner will label me as un prepared because I have to wait until Christmas for anyone to help with the nursery and I am due Feb 3, HMMM what is the possibility.
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Well, glad everyone is doing well...but where the heck is everyone? I guess we all have very busy lives huh? Whats new? how is everyone feeling? Anything new? nurseries done recently? themes picked out? any new names?

How are the baby bellies growing? I am HUGE......look like i could have this baby anytime now.....lol...

just wanted to see how everyone is doing!
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I know what u mean. I sure wish others would post more on this forum. I am good, swamped with work which is not easy to do since I work from home and my daughter wants MOMMY all of the time lately. She has gotten very clingy.. ;)

I am huge as well. I will try and post more belly pics soon. Nursery is done and it is an animal theme. I am in the process of hunting down the owners manual for the car seat as I cannot figure out how to tighten the shoulder straps. Ugh!!

Same name still. Gavin Neil. :)  I am now 28w2d and next appt is Monday.  Another 10 weeks to go and I should be induced. Dang this pesky high blood pressure. ;)

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I was almost done with mine last night, when I discovered that Target had the butterfly theme that I wanted and was half the price of BuyBuy Baby. So can we say return, and I just cannot get those big wooded letters to spell out her name, does any one have any suggestion on where I can find them.

I would like to paint them over so I prefer them in White.

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nelly09- I am curious as to what theme you are going with at Target. I am going with the Tiddliwinks Plum Butterfly! I know there are a couple different ones, but curious to know if you are going with that one! I love it..and it is very similar to the Cocalo Sugar Plum line which is way too pricey! Friends of ours bought it for us and they are giving to us Dec. 5 when we go see them (they live a couple hours away).

Everyone - I just got the room slightly cleaned out.....still oddds and ends i have to move around....then a good vacuum job and I want to atleast get the crib and changing table up. Probably do all of that this weekend while Sarah naps..since M-F I am so busy with working FT and spending time with Sarah when I get home....Love my time with her!

I will have to take belly shots as well....so everyone can see how huge I am! OMG...if you look through my pics from Dec of last year...on medhelp..u can see a couple preggo photos i had taken to see how huge I was at 30 weeks with Sarah. I am about that size right now...unbelievable!

I think we have decided to go with Katie.......not 100% sure, more like 95%. HUbby keeps mentioning Kaitlyn too....but, a very close friend of mine's wife just gave birth 2 months ago and that is their babies name.....even though they live in GA and we live in NY and rarely see them...I thought we had to atleast change it to Katie.....I like that name. We will see!

nelly09- as for the wooden letters, you can get just plain wood ones at Walmart, like $1.50 each I think? Thats what I did for sarah and I found the color paints i wanted to paint them and did them myself!
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Hello everyone, I am glad to read everyone is doing well and getting close to meeting our little ones :) I have been so busy planning birthday partys mostly my daughters sweet 16, I have a daughter turning 16 on the 24th (party is on the 20th) also a daughter turning 13 tomorrow the 18th (party on the 21st) another daughter turning 3 on dec 3 and my birthday is the 5th WOW and then thanksgiving and christmas. But as far as me I have been doing much better as I was so sick the first 4 months and now I am 7 months and can not believe it. I did fail my 1 hour sugar test but passed my 3 hour. I have heartburn like crazy it doesnt matter what I eat or drink :( I go back to the dr on dec 1 and I have to get another rogram shot. My fluid was low last dr appt but she didnt seem worried so I will not. My babys room is done just need the changing table which I will order this week. What else???????? Cant think of anything since birthdays is all that I seem to be doing right now LOL. I have my belly pics in my profile and Hope everyone keeps doing well. I just love feeling my baby and just want to enjoy everyday I have left since we dont have much longer, 84 days for me :)
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Sorry that I have been MIA, but things have been a bit crazy for me...

So my update!

I'm 28w6d today and am a bit concerned about some cramping that I am feeling. I'm trying to take it easy and am going to go downstairs and drink a ton to see if that helps.  Our L'il Monkey is moving like crazy this last week. I haven't been able to determine any routine or anything, but I haven't tried very hard either.

We moved into our new home on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1st and I couldn't love it more!  Every day I wake up just so happy.  The nursery is almost done (there was some drama in that whole deal, but that's a book for another day!)...I still need to get a mattress for the crib, but it's pretty close.

I'm going to get the H1N1 today and am hoping that I'll be able to ask about the cramping concerns while I'm there.  It's hard to believe that they would still be from bd'ing yesterday, but we haven't done that much so maybe!?!?

Finances are going to get tight for us very quickly with the holidays approaching because I stopped working on Oct.23, but I am trying to get my home business moving a little bit more (PM me if you are interested in finding out what I do ;) ). It sells itself, but we could use more income from it right now.

I passed my glucose test, but my iron came back as anemic (no big surprise..I've always been borderline), so I'm on supplements now. Trying to be diligent about taking all my stuff, but I have heartburn all day everyday no matter what I do, so it's hard to want to take the vitamins that are only going to make it worse!!!  Other than today's cramping, the pregnancy has been so smooth, it's almost flown by. I swear, with the move and all, I completely missed the second trimester! ;)

I'm not posting belly pics on here, but the doc seems to think that I am measuring right on track and is happy with my progress ;)

I'll try to post more, I promise!  Thinking of you all! :)
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Lance06*** That is exactly what I have the plum butterfly, I did go to Walmart and got the letters now I am having a local artist do some designs on it. Yeah I was fooled in getting that expensive one but then I witnessed my friends baby messed her bedding up and I opted for the cheaper one.

I have a list of things I need to do and purchase by December 18. I want to be on relaxation mode at that point, I even went back to my seasonal part time job two days a week 4 1/2 hours each day I will see how that works out but need the extra cash to pay for banking the cord blood.


Does anyone have their bags packed yet? Is it too early to do so?
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i never think its too early to be prepared. go for it girl
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