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This baby may just become a February baby.....

...I mean, not that that's terrible - I'm a Feb. baby myself, my birthday's next week - but I'm just getting discouraged by the waiting.

I went to see my OB this morning and STILL nothing....Can you believe it??  Based on my LMP and the fact that my cycles are super regular, every 29 days like clockwork, he thinks that the EDD provided by the u/s (Jan. 19) may not be correct.  He wants to give my body another week to (hopefully) start doing something to make labour easier on me - I was induced last time and, although I had a good experience as far as that goes, I think there's something to be said for having your body do it on its own.  

So, I'm going in for another u/s tomorrow (biophysical profile) to measure the amniotic fluid, baby's breathing and movements among other things.  Providing that checks out fine - and baby doesn't come in the meantime - I'll be back to see the OB next Monday....and, at that point, induction won't be a question.

I hope that all others who are waiting are hanging in there!!! :-)  I had a good cry over my whole situation in frustration this morning, but ultimately I'm sure everything will be fine....and I do appreciate that my doctor is trying to do what he can to make the labour process easier on me this time.....if it works! ;-)
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Thanks so much to you both :-)

Well, DS was born at 41 weeks, and he was only 7lbs. 6ozs., so I don't expect that this baby will be THAT much bigger (but you never know, I guess!)  I've been measuring at 38 cms. for the last 3 weeks and everyone says I look "small", too.  Probably why I'm not that uncomfortable, physically, which is a blessing!!! :-)

My birthday is on the 4th....if I need to be induced, I'll be surprised if my OB lets me go that long.....but I guess it depends on how busy they are at the hospital, etc.
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I know it must be frustrating and hormones are flying but it will happen for you.. I mean it has too. I am due Feb 2nd and hope before then that she doesn't like it too much in there anymore and wants out. I have been anxious and hormonal and uncomfortable for long enough. Just think about it this way... It gives you somthing to look forward too and a week does fly by. God Bless.
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I am sure all will work out as planned. and if you are a february momma.......then welcome in advance. My daughters 1st birthday is February 3rd....and my next baby will be this February 16th if all goes as planned. Im a scheduled cesarean so theres no question there.
I agree that having your body start the process may be your best option...esp if the doctors are a bit unsure on the dates. And if baby isnt measuring huge......then I dont see the harm in waiting even though I am sure the anticipation is killing you!!

Hang in there hun...and we are all here if you need to chat!
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