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can't count - off by a week...

So ladies - looks like I can't count and was off by a week.  I went in for a u/s today at the suggestion of the clinic - based on HCG from last week they said we should see 'some good cardiac activity' at this point...  Now they want me to come in next week for a follow up u/s to make sure we see a heart beat - which I'm greatful for.

Even though I was off by a week and am not due until March 5 by my (new) counting - I'd like to stay here in the Feb 10 forum.  My son was born 2 1/2 weeks early so it's likely that I'll go in Feb anyway!
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Like I said before, none of us know when we'll actually deliver.  I'm sure there are some women in the group who are due early Feb who might deliver in Jan.  I think the point is that we're all generally within a month of each other and going through similar symptoms and tests.  For me, it's great to share so I don't feel so alone.  I'm not ready to tell my personal world yet because of all of the hurdles I still face, so I'm glad that I found this group to share my excitement.
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I'm Due March 4th... bumped from Feb 28th *pouting* I asked the same question about staying... The women here are great!! I think they would be upset if we left =0)
We'll just be the odd ones out LOL! A lot of us will go early... my dd was 10 weeks early and ds was 4 weeks early... No worries hun... what did your u/s today show??
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Thanks ladies - the support I've found on the Med Help forums is priceless. I too am not ready to make announcements on being pregnant so being able to talk about it here is HUGE for me as much as my husband tries to be supportive - some things he doesn't understand!

The u/s today didn't show a heart beat - a gestational sack and yolk sac. The ultra sound guy who is great - said he saw what he hopes to see at this point that I'm still very early.  I'm already scheduled to go back next week in hopes of seeing a heart beat.
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I am due Feb 8th but due to previous pregnancy induced hypertension I was induced early with my daughter. So although I am sure I will end up with a Jan baby I am staying put in the Feb 10 babies group where I have made some great new friends. :)
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Oh hun, I know waiting is hard!! Try not to worry too much, the fact that they saw a yolk sac is great!! At 5 weeks 6 days my Dr.  did an in office u/s and only saw a gestation sac, NO yolk sac, NO fetal pole, nothing but a gestational sac... she sent me in for a high resolution u/s and we saw EVERYTHING... including a h/b... our babies are so small right now they are not easy to pick up on the "normal" machines... I know that A LOT of women on this group have been through this... hang in there, I just know you'll see your little bub next week!! (((hugs)))
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Thanks - I'm hopeful things'll be fine and we'll see a heartbeat next week.  The u/s was done in the dr's office and the technician did 'zoom in' and they were able to see the yolk sac but no flashing of a heartbeat...  Of course I cried a bit but he tried to be reassuring saying I'm still very early and he saw what he'd hope to see at this point (also 5w 6d).

I'll post again next week after the 2nd u/s.
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