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Im new to this, so i really need advice, By calculation of my last menstrual period, im today 11 weeks. But at 8.5 weeks i started bleeding, and it's been now 7days, off and on, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, mostly heavy when im on my feet all day, and light when im resting.The first day it started i went to the ER, and they did and evalutaion, took blood, did an ultra sound, and a pregnancy test of course that still remains to come back positive. My beta was then at 17000. two days later they sent me to a beta clinic where i did blood work, ultra sound and everthing, my sac remained empty, no fetus, no heart beat, but my sac is normal, and in the right place, at the ER they told me the u/s calculations showed that i was 5weeks and  a few days. But i did not have a menstrual at all in the month of april, which i assumed early on i was pregnant. After going to the beta clinic all of my blood work cam back negative, perfectly healthy, a little over weight, and enimic but healthy, no diseases, or any of that, but my beta had dropped to 15500. I did another u/s where my sac remained empty but this time they alsso saw a yoke sac which the ER didnt see earlier, also in the right place, and sac still normal, not damaged. each ER dr. and beta Dr. told me that i was spotting, i must of gotten scarred, and i told them no i bleed heavy, and then light, and its been like that since. The next day i go see my private dr. where agin i did blood work, ultra sound, both out and vaginal each time, my doctor told me the same thing everyone else told me, sac, empty, no heart beat, no fetus pole, but the sac and yoke sac is normal, in the right position, my dr, proceeded to do a pap smear, where she claimed i was denying abdominal pain, and made it her business to press on my sides, and stomach as hard as she could, but like i told her i wasnt feeling any pain, still dont feel any pain, just bleeding, off and on heavy, and light. she then took samples of bllod from my vagina and told me she would call me if anything was wrong, i havent received a call yet, and it's been about 4 days now.I still sleep, eat, tender breast, like a pregnant woman, but i dont get sick, just very very tired. She, ( my Dr.) even proceeded to do a blood pregnancy test which also came back postive? they told me to expect a miscarriage, but they want to continue the ultra sound, and the beta test for 3 months. I have an appt. to the beta clinic on wed. so i guess you can see why im scarred, nervous, confused, and all the above, because im in no type of pain at all, bleeding off and on with no tissue form of discharge, and no one can tell me where my baby is? my family keeps telling me my baby is palying hide and seek, but if thats the case then why did my Hcg drop 1500, why wont my dr. tell mw whats really going on? my mom told me to request a D&C, but i kind of wanna wait it out? what shud i do, whats wrong with me? 3 years ago i had a miscarriage, but i didnt know i was pregnant until i started feeling the pain i dont wish on no one........could it be a miscarriage, tubial pregnancy, or would it turn out to be a normal pregnancy? i dont know some one please help me..............
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