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pubic pain

Anyone having pubic pain in the last stages of pregnancy?  TMI ALERT....I have been having a lot of pain of the left side between my (way) upper thigh and my outer va-jay-jay.  Mostly happens at night when i am getting in and out of bed, but last few days it has been constant.  I talked to the doctor about it and she basically didn't let me finish with my description of pain and said, "yup, that pain is normal."  Anybody else having this pain?  And if so what are you doing to relieve it?
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Oh yes and it is quite normal. Esp when the weight of the baby starts pressing down. Nothing I do helps to relieve it... :(
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Completely normal! Hang in there Jen....nothing you can really do about it except wait it out!
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i find baths help me
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hi, its called SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) i had it from 8 weeks in first pregnancy and ended up on crutches in then end so count yourself lucky uve got it so late! Most women feel it near the end im 32 weeks an am starting to really feel it x x
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I have had it throughout the pregnancy and my doctor (along with others that I consult) have just told me that it's my sensitivity to Relaxin, the hormone that is released to help your pelvic and hip bones handle the birth of the baby.

I don't have SPD, though, so I'm not sure that all pelvic pain is SPD.

I find that an occasional Tylenol PM is helpful to get some relief (and some sleep!)
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consult with your doctor before taking any medications
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