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swine flu

hey everyone im really confused on wat to do the swine flu vaccine is now available here in ireland it has
been for a while im due in feb and i dont know wat to do on weater to get the vaccine or not please if
anyone as any advice good or bad please tell me it would b a great help thanks
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Hi. I also live in Ireland and i'm due my second baby in Feb! I had the first dose of vaccine 3 weeks ago. Decided to go with the Celvapan rather than the pandemrix as it did not contain mercury. I was really confused also and it took me a while to make a decision. Everything is fine so far. I was worried that it'd be easier to catch swine flu in the hospital when my baby arrives and they wouldn't be able to get the vaccine until they are six months old! Hopefully my baby will have some form of protection when he or she arrives! I know everyone has a different opinion but i have no regrets!!! :-)
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I was very scared to get it with all the hype going around. I figured I would just be careful and stay away from sick people, which is easier said than done.  
But on my last OB visit they said they had some, so I asked to talk to my doctor about it first, and she said that it is a good idea to get it, and it has about the same side effects as any other flu shot. She said only 1 in about a million get any serious side effects, and that she has hospitalized several women with it allready. One of these women had her baby die. So I decided to get it. I didn't have any side effects except a mildly sore arm. I figure I should do what is best for my baby, and it will protect him for the first few months he is born.
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I just got mine yesterday and am very happy and relieved with my decision to get vaccinated. It protects our little ones. :)
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