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36 week check up...

Went in today had nst done and that was ok...baby wasnt moving as much as they liked so they did an ultrasound, shes head down YEA!!!!!!  She also was moving around on ultrasound, she looked good fluid looked good, so that was cool.  I am dialted to a 1 and they said she weighs 6 1/2 lbs.  I have been having issues with heart racing, weakness, dizzyness, shortness of breat, blood pressure jumping high 129/104 to low 60/43 and almost to the point of passing out 2 to 3 times daily. Anyhow, dr wants to do a cardiology consult.  I am so ready to meet our little princess.(never thought I would be saying that) Hope all you other feb. moms are hanging in [email protected]
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Yay! Wonderful everything looked good about baby. I hope you're ok though and feelinng not so dizzy and weak soon. I get very short of breath to where I can't talk,sometimes, usually when Im nervous. Im pretty sure it's my anxiety though. I just got prescribed Visteral for that and to help with sleep.

Keep us updated on how the cardilogy consult goes!
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Good luck with the cardio consult I hope everything is ok!  Glad baby seems to be doing great :D
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i was wondering if i was the only one with heart racing... and was getting worried because i have a small heart murmur that i take antibiotics for everytime i have a dental procedure or any procedure that can cause infection... (surgeries and such). havent been dizzy or anything but i do get shortness of breath sometimes... so now reading your post i guess i should ask my doctor about it when i see him on friday...

Hope all is well with you!!
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Wannabeamommy heart conditions that you have had all your life can be magnified during pregnancy. Some women don't know they have a heart problem until pregnancy. I'd ask your OB on Friday, it's possible it has been aggravated by pregnancy. Be well!
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THANKS SUN... I obviously had no idea... and thought it may just be from being so tired but am now getting kind of worried about it...
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Hey I also have a heart murmur, which cause's my heart to race at times, and like doctor said they are mainly caused by been pregnant. I also get very breathless and I've been like this since bout 30 weeks, Im now 36 weeks and i had a scan at 35 weeks with bub measuring at 3.2Kgs.
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Don't worry too much yet till your dr says worry but do mention it to them sooner rather than later.
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So i told my doctor about my murmur and my herat racing today, and he didnt seem a bit concerned, he said they would give me something at delivery just in case and that the heart racing was probably from the pressure of baby against my organs... he didnt even listen to my heart!! i am actually kind of mad because i would have expected him to at least listen and make sure everything is ok, but i guess hes not a cardiologist so he didnt care to...
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