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Baby #2

For those of you not working on baby #2 yet, how are you feeling about another? Everyone - family, friends, husband - is waiting on us to start and I have no desire. I talk about it but I really don't want another baby. And it's kind of odd because growing up I always wanted 3 or 4 kids. Not sure if it's because we started so late or because of everything we went through, but I'm totally content with Annabelle. She's about as perfect of a baby as I could have prayed for and I'm happy with our little family.  I do sometimes wonder if later down the road I'll regret not having a second, but do I have a second on the off chance I'll wish I had?  I have absolutely no idea what the answer is.
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My dh and I have been trying for a while now, and I know its not happening because I am still breastfeeding. I have started to wean her, but I know it still doesn't increase my chances by that much. I know I want at least 2 no more than 3 haha. In the meantime I am enjoying my time with my lil girl but I do wish at times she could have a playmate with her more often. She just gets so happy when shes around other children. I guess it must be really boring being around us adults at all times hahaha. My parents can't wait for more grandchildren, Sophia was the first so they are hungry for more kids to spoil. My brother is currently dating a girl with 2 lil girls. We have known her since she was in middle school and we know what she has been through with her ex. They love the lil girls but they know that at any moment they won't get to see them as much as they would like because they really have no say.
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I know what u mean when it comes to everyone wanting you to have a 2nd baby. LoL. I go through it all the time. At first it would bother me. I had my lil Emily in my arms, just couple months old and people would ask "when is the next one" I thought it was a stupid question. I had just had a baby and still was going through all the new mommy stage. I'm very happy with my baby girl. I'm enjoying every moment with her and my body, my sleep, etc I  went back to my original weigh before I got pregnant so I'm very happy right now. I'm not on the pill or on anything. We use condoms. So if it happens we're 100% ok with it. I sometimes see her around other kids and she gets so happy and excited. I really want her to have someone to grow up with and play with. So sometimes I do think we should start trying but we're house hunting right now. Finally we're able to buy our first house, so we're thinking as soon as we settle in a house we'll start!!!
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Mixes emotions here. One day I want to be pregnant ASAP and other days I think no way but we aren't preventing or actively trying yet and I am still breast feeding and no AF so I guess if it happens great and if it doesn't yet that's fine too. At the moment, it's just in G-ds hands and we don't feel strongly either way.
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After a lot of discussion, the hubs and I decided we would like to have more, but right now is not a good time. I'm with Sun, there are days I would LOVE to be pregnant right now, but then other days I'm saying to myself, "oh we can wait a bit longer." Ideally, we'd love to wait until this time next year (twins will be 2 1/2) or even 2014 when they're 3 going on 4...just so they're older.

Because we did IVF and if we had to go back to it (we'd like to try naturally, but we know it's probably not going to happen), there's that risk for more multiples. The big positive there is at least if that did happen, I'd be prepared!

And even if we didn't have anymore, I'm happy. We have our great family, but I'd love to add more.
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Brandi glad I'm not alone :)
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