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Birthday party???

Are any of you having birthday parties for your babies 1st birthday??? A lot of people tell me not to waste my money, and that they are to young to enjoy and appreciate a party. I don't know what to do! I want to have a party for her bc she's my first baby and I always thought about birthday parties for my babies.  So I'm excited about her first 1year.

I really wanted to baptize her when she turns 1. (2 occasions, 1 big party) but my hubby and i are finally ready to buy a house this year. So I don't know if it's a good move to spend money for a party.

Any advise? Is it really pointless to do a party for a 1 yr old?
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We had a super small party for the girls' birthday with immediate family only (less than 20 people). We didn't want to do nothing, but we didn't want anything extreme since we figured they might be fussy or will never remember it anyways. We got some really cute pictures of the girls with their birthday hats on. I'm so glad we ended up doing the small party. No stress, inexpensive, but FUN!

I'd say it's up to you. If someone doesn't want to do a party I would atleast make them a little cake to mash up so that you can take some good pictures for their baby book.
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We are having a family party on Annabelle's actual birthday since it's a week day but we're having a big party at the Children's Museum the weekend before for 20 kids (and our friends, of course). Annabelle loves the museum, I don't have to clean, and everyone stays entertained. Win-win :-)
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My twins were born December 24, 2010 and for their first birthday, we did something very small. My husband is deployed, so he wasn't even there and none of his family live near, so, it was me, my parents and my brother and his fmily, who were in for the holidays.

We did a sesame street theme and just decorated the dining room. I decorated their high chairs, but that lasted all of 30 seconds because my son tore all of those decorations down!

They had a good time, even though they won't remember it. My 3 year old nephew actually had more fun helping them open their presents! Haha!
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We did a birthday party with the family. Less than 20 people. She won't remember it but we wanted to do something. It was fun but I know it was more for me than her this year. Do what you want
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For my son we didn't have a big birthday party not because we didn't want to it was because we had just moved to australia and had no family here.  My husband's parents flew over to spend his first birthday with us but that was about it.  Since we didn't have a first birthday withhim we couldn't have a first birthday with our girls.

Just remember a first birthday is because your baby has turned one but it all signifies your first year as a parent.  It is a way for you to celebrate as well so if you want to throw a big party then do it :)
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If I do just a birthday party It'll turn out to be pretty big bc my hubby's family is HUGE!!! With a lot of kids. That's a lot of people to feed and so much more of everything else.

If I baptize her I would like it to be a big party (I'm Mexican and we like to do big baptizing parties, lol) bc of the occasion then I would  need to rent a place and that's going to be expensive plus everything else.  

People tell me to wait to baptize her until we're settle in a new home. To not spend money and keep saving for our home.

I'll still do something for her even if it's just our Immediate family.

I just dint know what to do!!!! :(

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I really like the idea of having the baptism and first birthday in one.  Wish I would have thought of it in fact! :)

We did just a family birthday party (although "just family" was still 30 people) at our house.  We had a bigger party (60 people) in our backyard for his baptism in July, but a January birthday in Seattle doesn't allow for outdoor celebrations.  I went back and forth on renting a space to have a big party, and also looked into tenting our backyard...and ultimately decided that having had the big baptism party and the fact that as you mentioned he wouldn't really know what was going on or remember, the smaller family party was fine so that we could at least do a little celebrating and have some pictures.  

We will definitely do big birthday parties when he is older, has real friends, and can enjoy it. :)
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I did a big party for both my boys so Lauren will have one too!  And I don't care what anyone says.
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Well it all depends on your definition of big ;) I'm doing a party fo
r my lil one and I really don't care if others say she won't remember, because I will remember and not doing something for their first birthday especially since she is my first I wouldn't feel ok.  Do what makes u happy at least have a small celebration so it won't be that expensive.
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