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Breastmilk Donation

So I have found myself with two freezers full of breastmilk. Most bags have 8oz per bag in them since I could pump 8oz per side. I realize this is more than Ellie will probably ever use so I looked into donation and found milkin mamas. Here is some info for anyone who is interested:

Why Donate Breast Milk

Why is donor milk so important? Human breast milk is vital to the health and well-being of all babies, but for babies born too early, too small or critically ill, donated human milk has the potential to make the difference between a long hospital stay with many complications, or a quicker recovery and the ability to go home sooner.  By donating your extra breast milk, you provide critically ill infants with an improved chance for survival.

Your valuable donation of breast milk will be used to make human milk fortifier and standardized human milk from 100% human milk.  Both will be available for very low birth weight infants and other seriously ill babies in the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) across the United States.  While a mother’s breast milk can provide a large percentage of her premature baby’s needs, premature infants need more protein and calories than are naturally occurring in mother’s milk.  Through consumption of concentrated human milk protein, in the form of a human milk fortifier from 100% human milk, critically ill babies are able to get the nutrition they need to grow while being fed exclusively human milk.  Also, when mother’s own milk is not available in the NICU, standardized human milk is made from your donation and can be used to ensure a 100% human milk diet in the NICU.  Standardized human milk is processed to ensure that it always has similar calories and protein that would be found in mother’s milk if milk from the mother of the premature baby were available.

Breast milk has been shown in clinical research studies to help babies resist infections and decrease the incidence of serious diseases, such as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), sepsis, bacterial meningitis, and ear infections.  It contains many components that help protect babies from infection and disease including: proteins (Secretory IgA, lactoferrin and lysosyme) and carbohydrates (oligosaccharides).  Human milk also contains nutrients such as lipids, vitamins and trace minerals that support the developing immune system.   The antibodies found in breast milk, as well as other human protective molecules are not present in other forms of milk, such as cow’s milk-based fortifier or infant formula.

Milkin’ Mamas works in partnership with Prolacta Bioscience.  All milk donated through Milkin’ Mamas is sent directly to Prolacta’s lab to make human milk fortifier and standardized human milk, processed from 100% human breast milk.

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Do you get paid to donate through them? I know that the ladies here in Kalamazoo get paid per oz, so I was just wondering.
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No not paid. How do I find paid?
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Donating is a HUGE thing for those who have excess. My sweet friend of a 6 month old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 1 month after delivery her baby and had to stop breastfeeding when she started chemo. Because of women like you who donate their extra milk, baby Micah has been able to take one bottle a day of breast milk. This isn't nearly what his mother had in mind but neither was her diagnosis. She is just so thankful to get what she does as it was very important to her.

BTW, I was told at my hospital that it is not legal to sell breast milk any longer, but maybe that's just in our state.
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Oh my that would be nice to express that much milk.  I struggle getting 150 mls a week if i chose to express.  I have to plan each time I express.  I have to make sure I only feed Ella on one side so the other side can fill up and then it takes me about an hour to get that much.  I guess some women produce more than others :(
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There are some ways to increase your supply. Mothers milk tea, fenugreek, oatmeal, tons of water and after every time you feed, pump to signal your body to produce more. However remember that an oversupply comes with problems too. I have an over supply which leads to gas and milk imbalance where sometimes Ellie gets more foremilk than hindmilk which creams foamy green poop and gas/fussy. I can only usually feed on breast per meal. So I guess there is good and bad of having a lot of milk. Oh and I go through a box of breast pads per week. And even with that I used to soak through the pads, my bra, my top, through a large bath towel onto the sheets of the bed :/ it was annoying and uncomfortable. But I suppose at least I can feed Ellie and don't have to worry about her going hungry ;) poor girl during my let down she coughs and pulls away getting sprayed/soaked her top, her face all dripping with milk
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