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No contractions, no leaking, no pain

While I realize some of you may hate me for this, I wanted to get some feedback. Is it weird that I've not had a single contraction, my boobs aren't leaking at all or growing for that matter, and I'm in absolutely no pain or discomfort. In fact, I feel great other than being tired. I'm 36 weeks and thought that surely by now I'd be as miserable as everyone warned me I'd be, but I got nada!  My feet do swell and obviously my belly makes it hard to turn easily in bed, but that's it.  My OB looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell her I'm worried that I feel so good. Anyone else not experiencing all of the "pains" of pregnancy? Maybe I'm still just too early?
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I think everyone's body just responds different. You just got lucky that so far you're feeling so great :) I wish I felt like that. Take adcantage of it in case you start to get crappy feeling :P

Youre def not to early to feel icky. I started to feel pretty bad and uncomfortable, exhausted, pissy, blah blah..at like 30 weeks or so. and It hasnt stopped lol.
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It totally depends upon the person. Each body is different. I know some people who loved pregnancy even at 36 weeks bc not uncomfortable while others were uncomfortable from day one. I suppose that means that your body is really good at being pregnant and it's going to be easy for you. You lucked out!  Honesly it it wasnt for my fractured spine I would be the same way. No swelling no contractions no headaches never peed myself didn't hurt everywhere it wasn't so bad just the spine and pelvic pain thanks to fractures. Who knows maybe you will feel icky a few days before delivery but then again maybe not at all. It is a blessing, thank your body it was meant to cook babies :)
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My first two pregnancies were AWESOME.... I loved every second of them :) this One I can't wait for it to be over!!! Lol each pregnancy will vary
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trh0819 omg im in the same wagon... lol i don't want to jinx it though but i think Ive been having a great pregnancy so far. im 34 weeks pregnant and feel amazing! yes i do get tired and my feet sometimes get swollen, and while i sleep i sometimes have trouble breathing. but other than that i feel good. im always up and about. lol. i was also wondering if its to early to feel any pain, discomforts, etc.

you guys got me thinking now and a lil scared :/
in 2007 i had a 4wheeler accident and i completely broke my pelvic bone. it must of been a miracle because i didn't need surgery. it heal by its self. im not sure how because i saw the xrays and Omg two of the lower pelvic bones looked like chop sticks. well thankfully everything turn out ok. thank god. i don't limp, im able to run, jump, dance with no problem. so now that im pregnant i told my doc about this accident i had back in 2007 so he checked me to see if Any bone would be on the way while delivering. he said there is nothing there. i should be able to deliver with no problem. he said that's the past and it has nothing to do with it now. but now im scared how u guys are talking about pain from fractures... :( does this mean when i go into labor i will have major pain on my pelvic fracture???
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I am 38 weeks and I feel great. I mentioned it to my doctor cause I was worried I have felt no braxtonhicks contractions and he said I should condider myself lucky that I  don't.
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