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Anybody's little one attemping to walk yet? Carly has mastered pulling up. She can pretty much pull herself up on anything & will stand there forever. She can somewhat walk along something she's holding on to, but she's not quite that good at it. The rate she's going, I have a feeling she'll be walking within a month or so. Ashton on the other hand, is just now starting to pull up. He can get to his knees, but can't get to a full on stand just yet.
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Amy has been pulling up for about 3 weeks now and is now letting go and stays up for a couple of seconds.... she wants to take little steps when holding on to stuff and me but not alone...
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Lauren holds on and walks down the couch.  She will occasionally let go and try to take a step or two but falls down.  
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Ella stood up by herself yesterday.  My friend and I were sitting outside with the other kids and when we looked at her she was standing.  She had nothing around her!  We thought that was pretty exciting.  Ella has been pulling herself up for close to two months now I think. I have forgotten now. She can walk around furniture slowly and cautiously and can stand by herself forever.
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Ellie can stand for a few seconds on her own and has been pulling herself up for a while now ( month or two).

Good job Carly!!!  And way to go Ella Lauren and Amy!! :)
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Ezra can pull himself to his knees he's trying very hard to get up but he still isn't crawling yet trying hard but not yet :(
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Tayor is able to get up on her own and walks around with her push toy. She can even get down from the couch safely and is slowly mastering the stairs. Madison isn't interested in walking but can stand and hold onto the side of the couch.
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Is Madison crawling?  Ellie isn't interested in crawling just standing
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Ella can take about 3 steps before she falls - it is way too cute!!!!  Everytime she stands up now she tries to take steps.  She hasn't mastered climbing off the couch or bed :(  Would love it if she learnt that because then she would be able to get down safely.  She did climb the mcdonalds playground stairs when her grandma had her :)
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My lil Emily looks for anything in the room to use to pull her self up.  I've also seen her stand on her own for a few seconds.
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Annabelle doesn't want to crawl. She just wants to stand but isn't standing on her own yet. She's 8.5 months.
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