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at the end of july i was laying in bed and all of a sudden my heart started beating faster then ever i was terrified that i was having a heart attack and wanted to phone 911.... since then i have been having more of that feeling but now that i know the sensation i can somewhat control it by geting up start cleaning or pacing back and forth till it stops... i was getting my hair cut the other day and it started to happen and i wanted to tell them to stop but didnt instead i started counting backwards to distract myself which it works but does not relive it really...are these anxiety attacks? like today im sitting with the baby and all of a suddan i feel it and i have to get up and start cleaning.... its the scariest feeling i have ever had and i want it to go away and i dont know if my fear of it is making it keep happening but i need to know how to get some relief.... before the episode in julu i have never experienced this before...its draining me i feel like its controling me... i need to go to the dentist but im scared to cause of this feeling.... i feel embarrassed about it and havnt called my dr cause i hate his secretary and i dont want her knowing about my problem

if anyone knows anything i can try it would be greatly appreciated

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Sounds like tachycardia.  You can try support hose.  It will help regulate your blood pressure better. Also make sure when you get up do so slowly. If that helps you will know for sure its that not anxiety and needs to be checked out.  If it is anxiety, that needs to be checked out too.  I made myself go to the dentist the other day(haven't been in 8 years and it wasn't so bad!) Im sorry ur dealing with this and I hope you will get checked out.  Can you switch drs?  I hate rude office staff!! Good luck.
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Tachycardia is often times caused by anxiety. What you describe sounds to me like a panic attack. Anxiety can be caused by hormones after birth. It can also be caused by a few health conditions such as thyroid problems. I would talk to your dr. You can always call and make a "yearly check up" and bring it up then. Or you could talk to your OB about it.

Some natural ways to help would be stay well rested, stay hydrated, balanced diet, increased vitamin B6 and B12 (this can be bought in any vitamin shop or pharmacy, liquid vitamins are better absorbed. There is no way to overdose as any not absorbed in your body will come out in your urine. You also may notice your urine turns bright yellow this is normal), exercise is especially helpful as it increases the endorphins that make you feel good, sex (same reason as exercise), journaling, talking to a friend, family member or counselor.

I am finishing up my PhD in Clinical Paychology and also have panic attacks which I control through, vitamin B6&12, exercise and zoloft
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Panic attack symptoms can make your heart pound and cause you to feel short of breath, dizzy, nauseated and flushed. Because panic attack symptoms can resemble life-threatening conditions, it's important to seek an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Panic attacks typically include a few or many of these symptoms:

A sense of impending doom or death
Rapid heart rate
Shortness of breath
Hot flashes
Abdominal cramping
Chest pain
Tightness in your throat
Trouble swallowing
Panic attacks typically begin suddenly, without warning. They can strike at almost any time — when you're driving the school car pool, at the mall, sound asleep or in the middle of a business meeting. Panic attacks have many variations, but symptoms usually peak within 10 minutes and last about half an hour. You may feel fatigued and worn out after a panic attack subsides.

One of the worst things about panic attacks is the intense fear that you'll have another panic attack. If you have had four or more panic attacks and have spent a month or more in constant fear of another attack, you may have a condition called panic disorder, a type of chronic anxiety disorder.

With panic disorder, you may fear having a panic attack so much that you avoid situations where they may occur. You may even be unable to leave your home (agoraphobia), because no place feels safe.

When to see a doctor
If you have any panic attack symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible. Panic attacks are hard to manage on your own, and they may get worse without treatment. And because panic attack symptoms can also resemble other serious health problems, such as a heart attack, it's important to get evaluated by your health care provider if you aren't sure what's causing your symptoms.
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The onset of panic attacks usual is stress, hormones (such as giving birth) or trauma.
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thank you for all the information!!!! i got a vitamin yesterday called stress plex and it has all the B vits in it... i feel a lot more relaxed ... maybe placebo effect tho.... i just hope i dont have it long term its so draining!  
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It is super draining!!  The B vitamins work SO quickly so I bet it's truly working. I hate the taste of liquid vitamin B's so (before pregnancy and breastfeeding) I would a few times a week substitute my morning latte for a sugar free red bull (lots of B vitamins) B vitamins also give you a ton of energy :D and safe with breastfeeding. I'm so glad it has helped. If it happens again I would suggest speaking to your dr just to be safe. You have had a lot of stress lately so anxiety is likely unfortunately.
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im gonna look for some of the liquid, Red bull is full of Vit B?
thanks for your help again
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No prob. Yes red bull has 200% of daily intake of B vitamins if I remember correctly and 200mg or as much as 1 cup of coffee in caffeine. Although if you have heart problems it's advised to avoid caffeine but other than that... It's great I think it tastes super yummy
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I'm just crazy lol so i get the anxiety attacks every day all day.  I have just bought a natural pill which I will start taking tomorrow to help relieve it.  My hubby has been fantastic since being diagnosed so now I just try and relax and stay calm now so that anxious feeling subsides :)
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what pill ddi you buy? is it vit B?
i hate the feeling of it :( the last 3 days have been better tho
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