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decided to start TTC soon...

So after thinking it over for a few month I think i am gonna start trying to have another baby... going to try for a girl... this will be # 4 and will be my last hope for a little girl...

I have been reading a lot obout natural gender swaying and just wondering if anyone here has used gender swaying... or in general what do you think about it

i have started to take magnesium and cranberry
peppermint tea
changing the water i drink to mineral water...
changing my diet by taking most salt and potassium and red meat out
I have started tracking my Ph since girl sperm are supposed to like a more acidic environment

also just wondering what the chinese calendar said for all of you... it was really accurate for all my mothers four children and was right for my 2 boys that im old enough to check with and my friends were almost all correct....
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I never did the chinese gender thing.  I read somewhere the closer you bd to ovulation the more likely to get a boy.  Must be true because I got boys that way.  And my girl we did it like the dr scheduled us to and we got a girl.  Either way good luck! :)
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I agree, if you do it later in ovulation I reckon you will get a girl and closer to ovulation a boy :)  No more kids for me :)  I had a nightmare I was pregnant last night!!!!!  I am so glad it was a dream because that would have pushed me over a cliff :P
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jeez i dont really want to be pregnant again... actually all i think about now is gender swaying its actually all i dream about too :( its consuming me a bit... but I really want a baby girl and i think i will regret it so much later in life if i dont at least try

I know dr shettles says do a cut off for a girl but i have been reading a lot abot the 0+12 and all the info is really just giving me a headache.... i was thinking i would for sure do all the other 6 factors of the 0+12 but maybe stick to a cut off?...... i know with Ezra i was pretty muchh ovulating that day or the  so it was very close to O

thanks for your input i appreciate it
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We have been ttc basically since 6wks pp. but I am still BFing and had fertility issues prior so still no luck nor have I had AF at all since birth
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were you having any fertility treatment when you got preg with your daughter? you should get you husband to try taking zinc if hes not already i have read many good things about it
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Thnx I'll try that. My dd was conceived through clomid, ovadriel and IUI :)
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I love the time I have with my daughter and thinking about being pregnant again just scares me lol. But last time I was putting away some of her new born clothes and I'm not sure what went over me but I think I would want to start trying. Lol. Its something about spring that I just want to baby dance lol. This is around the time we started trying for Emily.
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I get massive baby fever anytime I'm around a friend who has just had a baby or looking at newborn pics of the twins. My husband and I decided we'd like more, just don't know when! I'd love to experience a singleton, but because we did IVF, there's a chance of more multiples! Which, I think is why we want to wait at least 2-3 more years!
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ya twins are a lot of work... before ezra when i was around people with babies i would always get the baby fever lol but now i dont.... i just dont want to rip myself off with not experiencing having a daughter...  i dont want to look back and regret not trying again.... cause it is something that i really really want
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I get baby fever every few weeks but the temp seems to drop pretty quickly  :-)  We went through IVF so the thought of multiples freaks me out... as well as the thought of going through everything again. I fear the disappointment. I also fear having a baby that doesn't have the same temperament as Annabelle. She's a dream! I know we have been blessed with how easy she has been. Might not be the case second time around and I worry I'm getting too old to have a difficult pregnancy.
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I hear you Trh!  Ellie is so easy too I worry what if another baby was hard what would I do or what if I had twins could I handle it?!  And mainly all the disappointment w ttc :(
1330108 tn?1333680904
I hear you Trh!  Ellie is so easy too I worry what if another baby was hard what would I do or what if I had twins could I handle it?!  And mainly all the disappointment w ttc :(
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