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just thought i would catch up with everyone - its been too long

Hi I just wanted to see how everyone is doing. Ella is doing well. She is 20 months old now. Ella is toilet training now which is awesome, she wears undies during the day, well most days and only has a few accidents. She can tell me when she needs to go to the toilet so we are definately making progress. Ella is also off the bottle which is awesome. I just went cold turkey and she cried for a bit but she is better now.

How are your kiddies doing
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Glad to hear ella is doing so good! Well Lauren is also 20 months.  We are trying on the potty training but she doesn't seem very interested.  We are still nursing but mostly at night.  I am hoping she will self wean but so far she loves her "no-nos" and is perfectly content with night nursing.  She talks nonstop like her daddy!  She loves to sing and dance and loves outside with her brothers.  I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful happy healthy little girl added to my family.  She really is a joy and she makes everyone smile!  Her dr says she is not gonna be tall maybe 5ft-5ft2in at the most.  She's a petite lil thing!  I was nervous when we found out we were having a girl but I wouldn't have it any other way now.  She is definitely mommys princess.
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Oh that is awesome. I can't believe how fast they age growing.
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Ellie is almost 21 months now. She is potty training and still nursing. She talks in sentences which is pretty awesome to listen to. We are having so much fun with her but can't believe how fast it has flown by.
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Aaww, everyone's babies are growing so quickly! Carly & Ashton are 22 months old (cannot believe they'll be 2 in just two months!). Carly is such a talker and mimicks EVERYTHING we do. She also mothers the heck out of Ashton. Always making sure he's taken care of, hugging him, petting him, etc. And she loves to show you her body parts (i.e: nose, arms, ears, eyes, etc). Ashton is also doing well. Not much of a talker (yet), he's more of a do-er! That little booger is an adventurer! He loves, loves, loves airplanes or any kind of loud noisy truck, I can tell him to show me his muscles and he'll "flex" for me (haha!) and he's really into tormenting Carly. He'll take something of hers and make her chase him around the house to get it back! No potty training for mine, yet, but I'm sure we'll start in the next 6 months.
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Hahaha that sounds like my household :-). Ella doesn't speak too much, we still get the odd word here and there but like Ashton she's an adventurer. We have a climbing frame that is about 3 metres wide by 2 metres high ( sorry I don't know what it is in feet) but she climbs right to the top and down again all on her own. She's toilet training now and doing great. Plenty of accidents but how else is she suppose to learn, being summer does make it easier :-) . Apart from that she refuses to call daddy dad instead she calls him mum a and he hates it. I'm sure she does it just to pee him off lol.
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I forgot to mention Ella is in swimming lessons and she is awesome. She loves jumping under the water and she's really trying to float and get her head up and she gets it up a bit but that's about it :-) . She can be pushed so she swims about a metre and a half. it is sooo awesome :-)
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Annabelle is 20 months and growing way too fast. She's putting sentences together now, potty training, and still nursing. Trying to figure out how to wean her but haven't put much effort into it yet. We are getting ready to start trying for baby #2 and I'm freaking out a little.  Actually that's a lie. I'm freaking out a LOT. We have so many changes in the works that it makes me nervous and I can't talk to anyone in the "real" world about it yet. This will likely be my last year teaching so that would be a huge change added to a second child. Excited but terrified!  I wish I knew the next one would be as easy going and sweet and funny and perfect as the first. HA!
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