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who co sleeps?

I sleep with Ezra I can get him in his crib if i want him to be there.... he is so cute he lays on his side with bot his arms around my face and a big smile on his face while he is sleeping....

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We co sleep. We have a toddler breathable bed rail on so she can't roll out (my biggest fear). It has been great for breastfeeding throughout the night :) and love the snuggles
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yes i have my bed rails up for him now too.... apparently one day too late
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i coosleep but when i put her in the crib she sleeps just fine... i do have to make sure shes asleep before i put her inthere though.. and i dont have bedrails, but she has never (thank fully) rolled off
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you might want to put some up ezra wasnt  rolling yet when he rolled off the be he got a severe cornea laceration and is going on to his 3rd surgery in a couple weeks... he ended up getting a cataract from the injury and is now at high risk for glaucoma... he is being sedated tomorrow to prep for his surgery... since august 5th he has been put out for times..... he will at best regain 40 percent of his vision in his right eye and that is after a long road of years of recovery  

ask yourself is it really worth the risk?

Im not trying to be mean or anything but i have been going through hell with the feeling of guilt cause i did not have a bed rail on my bed, that morning constantly goes through my head and will never go away... some accidents will NEVER go away so why risk it

what if she fell and got a brain injury or lost her eye or broke a bone

the 30 dollars it cost for a bed rail is very worth it believe me
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We cosleep.  Dh works graveyards so he doesn't mind! I coslept with my other two also.
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Umh I think I am a bit different :(  I love co-sleeping but Ella doesn't like it anymore :(  I had a nervour breakdown and wanted her in her own room and she hasn't looked back, now if she is next to us she just hits us in the face and climbs all over us.

My other two jump in bed with us every other night but my hubby keeps putting them back in their beds.  I love sleeping with my kiddies but my hubby hates it.  I co slept with my first but my girls don't like sleeping with me.  Ella did for awhile but once she got mobile at about 4 months it stopped :(
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I completely and totally 100% agree with Majikat I it is worth the 30 dollars to know that she is safe and not going to roll out of bed. It was an accident and accidents do happen no matter how many precautions we take but why risk it. I feel so terrible for Majikat and Ezra. Poor Ezra his vision will never be the same and poor Majikat will feel guilty till the day she dies even though it was just an accident. I think that Majikat's experience should be a reminder to all of us that accidents happen so try and prevent the ones you can. Take precautions in advance of them being mobile. Even though they cannot roll or crawl or walk, often times it happens when they aren't supervised. So we need to be vigilant on babyproofing cabinets, guard rails for co sleeping, locks on cabinets so they cannot get in to anything dangerous or poisonous, baby gates so they do not fall down the stairs. We should also be anchoring heavy furniture to the wall so as our bubs start pulling to standing nothing topples over on them. The biggest risk for children 5 and under are preventable household accidents. Majikat isn't to blame for what happened but we all should keep in mind that it could have been our child. So let's make sure it's none of our children. Again, Majikat I am so very sorry for all you are going through. I cannot imagine how stressful and scary this is for you. I pray that Ezra's surgery is quick and easy and has good results. Hang in there and please know all of us in this group are here to support you.
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I agree that there it's better not to risk it but in my case amy is pulling up to stand and a bed rail would be just as or more dangerous than no rails... i use pillows and so far she respects the boundaries and i never leave her alone i understand where you are coming from and dont think its mean or anything i actually thought about bedrails at some point but then she started pulling up and i decided it was riskier she was supposed to go to her crib when she turned 6 months but but she has been sick for the longest time with realy bad coughs on and off to the point where she chokes on the fleme.. hence why i decided to keep her in the bed till she got better and is now just starting to, so again thank you for the concern and the advice i really appreciate it...
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Ellie pulls to standing too so I never leave her unsupervised in bed either. Luckily even while awake she never pulls herself up on the bedrail. Probably because I am there.

I'm so glad Amy is feeling better. Poor girl it's rough being sick
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We never co sleep. I am very happy that we each sleep in our own rooms (us and then the girls). Our girls are very mobile and I dont want to chance one of them crawling off the bed or standing and flipping over the bed rail while im sleeping. Taylor is able to stand on her own. We have 2 cribs and believe they are there for a purpose. I didn't breastfeed so I don't feel there is any reason for us to sleep together. My SIL has to literally sleep (on the couch) with her 14 month old son in order for him to fall asleep, and maybe it's just us but we think that's crazy. I believe she needs to give him a chance to be independant. My DH calls it "take him out of her butt". LOL!

Sorry, but no co sleeping here :)
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well last night when ella woke up i couldnt be bothered putting her in her cot again (probably cause of af) but I had the worse sleep ever!!!!!!  My husband got pissed off at 430 this morning and put her in her cot and she went straight to sleep lol.  I should have done it at 1 this morning :)
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Lil lady co sleeping is certainly not for everyone but for those who breastfeed it's great and those who subscribe to the attached parenting method of parenting. There are numerous benefits to co sleeping for both mother and baby. However like I said it isn't for everyone and if mom and dad can't sleep well with a child in the bed or isn't comfortable with it than they shouldn't do it.
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I am still nursing Annabelle but no co-sleeping. She slept with me when she was really sick for a few days just so I could hear her and keep an eye on her, but she went from hospital, to bassinet, to crib. She naps with my DH as she doesn't like her crib during the day, but she falls right to sleep at night and we like it that way. But that's what works for us.
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