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31 weeks and breech

any one know the position status of their babies at this point? my 14 month old was always head down. my doctor is having me go back at 35 weeks and if still breech we are going to try to get her to turn by playing music between my legs. if no luck than c section at 39 weeks. i know its still early but i really dont want a c section
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you still have time, have u looked online if theres anything u can do to encourage baby to turn?
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im going to try to go to a chiropractor soon to try the "webster technique"
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i am 29 weeks and my baby is side way . but about  breech dont worry about it so much because its to early , ur 31 weeks and ur baby have time . :)
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With my first baby she was transverse..or across the womb...that was at 34 weeks, but by 37 she had moved to head down, albeit back to back. You still have plenty of time for baby to change position yet.
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you definitely don't need to worry yet.  my last one was still changing positions during labor!
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at my 30 wk appt she was head down, but my Dr said that she could still turn breech
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Head down for the last 3 appointments. -33 weeks
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At 31 weeks my little girl decided to turn the wrong way after being head down for months but my my doctor visit this week at 33 weeks I was told she turned back around and is now head down once again and i could clearly feel her feet kicking up and head and pressure down below. However, today I swear I feel feet back down there so I think she has no idea which way she is going but hopefully she will be in the right position when time is ready. You still have plenty of time for your baby to change positions several times like my little one who is confused which way it up and down.
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at my 34 week appt she was still head down
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my girl is head down now, hope she stays that way!
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After being head down for weeks, my baby had now decided to turn breech! I am 35 weeks now but there is till ime for baby to turn back!
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im 38 weeks now and my baby is still going back and forth. she was head down 4 days ago, now im not so sure. ill find out again on tuesday. i started going to a chiropractor who specializes in the "websters technique" and i think that has helped give her the room to turn. she actually flipped head down when he was adjusting me! i would definately recommend if youre baby is still breech in a week or so.  
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