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So ready to have this baby!

38 weeks 5 days an my lil girl doesn't want to come out! Ive tried everything! (not really) Ive been walking for almost a week up hill, down hill, at least 30 minutes or more a day, except saturday I walked more than I wanted to an ended up having contractions I got check an am only 1 cm dilated. How do I get her out!? We really want her out before the 29th. Ive been so moody lately to! I swear I go from happy to mad to sad in less than 10 minutes! =(
ive tried sex cleaning walking, i am not trying castor oil. all i can do is throw a hissy fit. I want her out this  s u c k s.
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I'm so ready to have my girl too !! I'm already 39 weeks and I'm due on Friday , I'm 3 cm  since last week , excited to see if I dilated more at my appt tmmrw. I've tried everything too , try pineapple , they say if yu eat fresh pineapple and yur already dilated it helps yu out even more becuase of something it contains, not sure if it will work but worth the shot . :) try also walking up and down the stairs:)
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I'm due today!!!! Have tried the lot too, even pineapple and nothing!!

Hobojo - I wouldn't advise castor oil to start labour, there are a lot of negative side effects from it, including the baby becoming distressed and passing meconium in the womb which you don't want!

Fingers crossed we all go soooooon!!!
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i am 37 weeks and 5 days as well and 1 cm dilated also and i have tried everything and NOTHING, mood swings are happening more than normal i am more than ready to get my lil girl out too
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hang in there girls!  you are all so close:)  you'll be holding them before you know it.  just sleep if you can, wish I could!
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=) yeah. Thats why i said 'am not' trying castor oil. Im really not a fan of fruit but I might try some pineapple.. I went for another walk today so hopefully thats helping.
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I'm now 4cm , I guess the pineapple did help a bit :) and now I'm Doing even more walking , my due date is on Friday , so hopefully she comes soon :D
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lucky! i dont think the pineapple helped me
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Sorry, my bad, I read it as you were going to try it....I despise pineapple to, but tried it yesterday and nothing. I'm 2 days overdue now 3 to 4 cm dilated, head is 4/5 engaged, losing my plug and still nothing!!
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I give up, I didnt want to be induced, I wanted her to choose her on birthday, I dont feel right choosing it for her. but it looks like thats the only way this babys gonna come out! im so irritated an exhausted i dont care anymore, im just tired of being pregnant.
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Are you being induced before your due date then? I am not due induction until I am term plus 10....and if the labour ward is busy then term plus 12. I am currently term plus 4 today. Can you request a membrane sweep to try and get things moving...I am hopefully due a 3rd sweep tomorrow and hope that it might finally start full blown labour. You never know n a day or two we may both have given birth!
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I had her the next day guys !!! :) hope yu guys are doing well :) had baby the 23rd of feb one day before her due date :) 20 min pushing 11 hours active labor
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