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Extremely bloated at night only...
Hey ladies/Mommies (sorry for the essay, lol)

I'm new to this awesome site, found so many answers so far;)
According to my calendar I'm now 6weeks & 5 days. Which makes
My due date end Feb 14, beginning March 14. I'm really excited & super
Nervous at the same time especially when going to the loo so often
Just hoping not to spot or anything worst lol. This is my second pregnancy,
I had a miscarriage at 8weeks in 2010 but I think if was bound to happen due
To a terrible car accident and X-rays etc. not knowing at the time. It's been almost 3 years
& I've been on 2 cycles of Fertomid and waaaalaaa missed my
Period end of June, last period May. Anyways did 3 tests 2days after missed period-all positive!!
Now since then I had about every symptom you could think of, every day it's different about, crazy! (From,frequent urination,bloated,heartburn,nausea no vomit yet,headache,extreme fatigue,light cramps like stretchy cramps, very windy(blush),dizziness,blurry vision, drunk in my head, but think its blood sugar levels. I had it all and it makes turns.)
With the first pregnancy I never had symptoms except for strong smells. Back to the topic actually lol...
For the last two days I've been having extreme bloating at night followed with some nausea/burps. Specially after
Dinner I can't even finish dinner. I eat small meals during the day, fruits etc, drink lotsa water. The bloating
Makes me look like I'm about 20weeks lol. During the day I feel fine and tummy not do swollen,I mostly get my symptoms at night and now
Lately these horrible burning sensation of bloating lol(oh and damn tired 24/7) Is it normal I just want some assurance? I'm only going for my first visit in beginning of  August. I cross my fingers & toes that everything will be perfectly healthy this time . Please Lord ;)) bless you all and your little bundles of joy xxxx thanks
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