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2WW - Cramping and Cerival Changes

am TTC baby #2 and on my 3rd month.  I am 7 DPO and I have had occasional cramping off and on during my 2ww.  The past couple of days I am cramping only in the morning and it's any time I get out of bed (during the night or first thing in the morning).  Is this normal?  Has anyone else ever done this before?

Also, I usually only check my cervix around my ovulation time to see if it is soft and open.  Well, I decided to check it last night and it is still very soft and open (AF due May 6th).  Is it supposed to be closed already at this point?  Does this mean I am not pregnant?

Thanks so much for all your help-
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2ww for me to,  I have also had slight cramping off and on... it is so hard to say because AF symtoms are so similar to early pregnancy symtoms.... for me AF is also due on the May 6th      I guess we just sit and wait...... do you have any symtoms other than the cramping?
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Hello - i am also having cramps / pains, it started around day 7 of my 2ww.....i am now on day 15 and i do a pregnancy test this coming monday day 18.
Ive had no spotting of blood or anything,so not sure if this means i am pregnant or not?
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Did any of u girls end up with a positive? I'm going through the same thing right now.  And its driving me crazy! I'm an emotional wreck on top of cramping! (Which I'm hoping is a good sign! =))
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