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Birth Control

Have you put any thought into the birth control that you will use after baby?
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I started the pill yesterday, the doctor said that in combo with nursing is pretty effective.
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I had so many fertility problems that I want to ask for money back for 100's of $ I paid for b/c in the past!!!  We could not conceive on our own so I think that b/c is unnecessary for us.
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I will be getting my tubes tied after Corbin is born. I will be 24yrs old with 3 boys, I'm content with that!
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I don't ovulate on my own, at least I haven't in the past, and we used injections with an IUI to get this pregnancy....so we probably won't use anything.  

My only concern is that if I don't ovulate my uterine lining could become dangerously too thick again and I would have to take provera to get  af. When you don't ov, you don't get a true period and thus my lining built up in the past and I was told this is a pre-cursor to uterine cancer.
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I am going the permanent birth control route. I have decided to use the essure method. Any one else getting permanent birth control?
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I want the iud but it is very expensive around $800.00!! But I need to get something soon I'd freak if I got pg again
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