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Corinne Faith is here!!!

Corinne Faith has made her grand entrance!  She is 6lbs, 2 oz, and 18 1/2 inches!  

It started yesterday when I started having fairly strong and regular contractions.  I came to the hospital and when they checked me they couldn't feel her head, so they ordered an ultrasound.  It turns out that Corinne had turned breech again : (     Because the contractions were so hard and regular the doctor decided to go ahead with a C-Section, and 1 1/2 hours later I was a mom!  It all happened pretty quickly, but it is so exiting!  I am still in the hospital, turns out the C-Sections hurt!  LoL, go figure huh?  I will post a couple of pictures!

I will keep you updated!!

How is everyone else doing??
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It seems like yesterday you got your bfp...  Where did the time go?  I am so very happy and excited for you!  Congrats!!!!
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Hey Lady...

I see those 11 hrs. of walking were VERY beneficial. Congratulations Stacie. Welcome To Ms. Corine Faith. ;o) Stacie...you ARE a MOMMY now. YaY. ;o) So exciting.

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Aw congrats!!!!!!  
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Oh my! Congrats! That is such great news. You are a Mommy :) I cant wait to hear more, but you take time and rest and enjoy your little girl.
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Congratulations!! She is adorable!! So happy for you :)
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Congratulations!! You must be so happy to finally meet her!!
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Congratulations!!!!! That is so exciting!!!! She is beautiful!
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Wonderful!!!!!  I am so happy for you!!!
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OMG!!!!! She is such a beautiful perfect little girl! CONGRATS!
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OMG!! Congratsulations Mommy!!

Welcome Corrinne!!
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Congrats I envy u soo..I am HUGE!!  What a releif it must be too finally have gotten to the big day:) are u breast feeding?
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Thank you everyone for the kind words!  We are doing well, still in the hospital and I think that we will be until Saturday.  I am pretty darn sore from the surgery, and Corinne is haing trouble with feeding. We are trying to breastfeed, but are supplementing with formula because she falls asleep everytime she tries to eat from the breast or on the bottle, but overall everything is great, she is just beautiful!   Thank you everyone for your thoughts....

Can you all remember when we first got our BFP's?  Now we are all going to have our babies!!
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I am jealous.. I am ready to NOT be pregnant anymore!! I am glad we are geeting "close" Congrats again and try not to get too discouraged about the feeding! Do they have a lactation consultant to help you? Or have you met with her yet I should say? Anyway, best of luck, she is gorgeous! And rest up and wishing you a quick recovery from your c-section!
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Oh my god congratulations, i am so speechless, i read all of your posts, and i remember when we all started, you are few weeks ahead of me, my goodness congrats mommy:):):)
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Congrats girl.... and welcome to baby Corinne. Hope u r feeling better. C-Section is painful...
when r they discharging u? it will be mad house when u guys come back home.. I already am at home with one baby and I can feel the stress.
NwAYS ...congrats again and hope u feel better soon.
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Congratulations new mommy. I am so glad that things have gone smoothly so far. Hopefully feedings will get easier when you guys get home and get settled in. I can't wait until it is my turn to meet my little guy.
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Awww Congrats!!! It seems like your BFP was yesterday - seriously!!! I'm sooo happy for you :-) Take care and post some pics when you get a chance... I hope Corinne is doing better!! Rest up and feel better :-)

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