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Doc says 90% chance of D&C! Help! Need advice!

I went in for an u/s at 7 weeks.  Doctor said uterus was right size and hcg levels at 66,000 , but no baby, fetal pole, or heartbeat.  Was called today to come in Monday...4 days later... for bloodwork and another ultrasound.  Doctor says to not eat or drink before coming in because he believes there is a 90-95% chance he'll have to do a D&C.  Is he jumping to the gun too early?  Should I object or trust he knows what is best?  Very scared about making the wrong decision.  First pregnancy.  I would appreciate any advice.
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I am sorry you are going through this, I am having a D&C in the morning, and I know how hard this is. This is my 3rd miscarriage, and my second D&C.  At this point all you can do is wait.  If there has been no growth on monday, and if your HCG levels have dropped, then you have probably experienced a loss.  However, if your numbers have increased at all and there has been some growth, it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask for one more. I guess it depends on how confidant you feel about your OB. The first one I had, they offered me a d&c on the spot, and I needed to walk away and think about it.  I had another u/s a few days later just to be sure.  It was a loss, but it made me feel better to "double check".  Its your right, and there is nothing wrong with questioning your Dr.'s decision.  Its a tough decision to make, I know.  I wish you all the best, and I hope everything turns out ok for you.  Take care.
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thanks for you post.  I guess I'll find out in a couple of days.  I'm traveling and moving within the next month, so I'm anxious to find out what I need to do.  The hives all over my body are evidence of my stress.  

On a note for you...I will be praying for you tomorrow.  These things just happen i reckon, and we can't do anything about it.  I read your post about when you found out you needed a d&C.  Your motivation and excitement to pursue pregnancy is so admirable.  Just reading it inspired and comforted me.  Thank you for your words.
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Don't opt for a D&C yet. I'm had 2 m/cs myself and I never had a D&C. My doctor does not really promote it unless really necessary. Please check this site before you make any decision, http://www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com. I've read so many stories of women who were misdiagnosed. There was this lady who waited and they finally saw the heartbeat at 12 weeks.

I wish you the best. Good luck!
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I agree with adgal that I would see what the numbers do. If they drop and there is still nothin on u/s AND you are comfortable with it, then maybe the doctor is right. On the other hand, fertilitymoms is also correct in that some women dont see a baby until later, it can have to do wtih the position of your uterus and where the baby is in it. So, if the numbers go up at all I would walk away and have another u/s in a few days, maybe a week.  You said you are seeing an OB?  I must tell you thatnearly 2 weeks ago my OB told me that I needed a d/c for a nonviable pregnancy, and I couldnt accept that. I called an RE (more specialized in my mind to find tiny babies)  and I drove 2 1/2 hours to see that doctor that week who was able to find a h/b when my OB wasnt, can you imagine if I had listened to the OBGYN??? I am not telling you that everything will be fine, I dont know if it will.  I am saying that you need to wait until you have peace and confidence in what is going on.

As far as the d/c vs. a natural miscarriage. I will be very honest with you. I have had two miscarriages, and that is the worst pain I have felt in my life.  The second time I opted to wait and have it naturally, and I got a massive infection that landed me in the hospital for 4 days.  I am not trying to scare you, that is not what I want to do. IN fact, the vast majority of women have natural miscarriage with out the complications that I experience. I just wanted to tell you that if you do start experiencing wierd symptoms or heavy bleeding you do need to go in the hospital, not stay at home and wish it away like I did, it can cause problems.  

Hang in there, I definatly do not think it is over. In fact, what if you ovulated even just a few days later than you think, if that is the case then it can be quite normal to not see anything yet.  Dont count yourself out, and dont do anything drastic until you have more reliable information.

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sorry you are going through this but right now all you can do is wait and see what happens between now and then.   I miscarried at 11 weeks last summer and had to have a d&c because my body wouldnt do it by itself. Also you can wait a while before doing anything as long as you are not bleeding.  Best of luck
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If I were you, I would hold off on the D&C unless your numbers have dramatically dropped.  My daughter was in the hospital over Memorial Day weekend with what they thought was an ectopic pregnancy.  When they did her ultrasound, they could not find the baby, nor her uterus. She spent the night & the following day they did a vaginal ultrasound & it was determined that she has a "tipped" uterus & therefore they weren't able to see anything on the regular u/s.  The baby was located & they found the heartbeat.  At that point, she was just over 7 weeks pregnant.  Your hcg levels are pretty high for someone with no fetus in there.  Just don't make any quick decisions or be talked into anything.  You are allowed a 2nd opinion.  It is your right.  Good luck to you.
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Hi. Am 8 weeks pregnant and will go for my second trans-vaginal ultrasound this Thursday. The first one that I had when I was just 6 weeks showed a sac but no fetal pole yet. Should I be expecting a blithed ovum or was it just to early to tell?
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At 6 weeks, its too early to know, thats why they are doing the follow up.  Remember that when they date you for 6 weeks, thats according to your LMP.  So if you have a perfect 28 day cycle, and always ovulate on day 14 (which hardly anyone does), then its exactly 6 weeks.  If any of those things are different you could be not as far along as that.  There is no reason to give up hope yet.  Have they done bloodwork?  Are HCG levels rising?   I wish you luck on your u/s on thursday.  Take good care.
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I am soooooooo sorry for your bad news.  I hope your doctor is wrong, scalhoun!  Adgal, I read a lot of your posts - so caring and supportive of others -and you definitely will be a wonderful mom and I hope you are soon!  I am dreading that I am headed in the same direction, as I've had mild camping and brown spotting/discharge for a week.
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