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Fetus Movements???

I am 32 weeks along and I am having a baby boy. This will be my 4 child. I dont remember any of my other babies having hiccups like this. He has them every day about 3 - 4 times a day maybe more. And they are about 10 to 15 minutes long. Sometimes 20 minutes. And when he has them he doesnt do a lot of moving. Is that normal? What is the normal amount of times he should have the hiccups a day?
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My daughter hiccuped so much as well! And she was very active. She'll be turning one next week and still is. She also hiccupped several times a day and sometimes 10 minutes long. It seems pretty normal :-)
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Baby hiccups in the womb
As the baby grows inside the womb, you may be surrounded by strange feelings especially when the baby kicks you or when the baby move around inside the womb. Quite often, the baby might go on hiccupping inside the womb and that usually leaves a lot of the expectant mothers a little worried, as to whether this hiccupping is normal or not.

But before you begin panicking about your unborn baby hiccupping inside the womb, you must understand that this phenomenon is completely normal and is an essential part of the baby’s growth.  When the baby hiccups in the womb, you will feel it like a little spasm in the abdominal region. The feeling is a little distinct from all the other feelings that you get because of the baby moving inside you, and it is rarely discomforting.

The frequency and intensity of your baby’s hiccups are completely unpredictable, and they usually vary from one pregnancy to another. These hiccups are nothing but the fetal reflexes of your unborn baby, and it is believed that these hiccups result from the baby drinking on the amniotic fluid or when the baby is trying to get oxygen from the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid keeps flowing in and out of the baby’s lungs, pushing the diaphragm to contract. This breathing action is what trains the unborn baby to be able to breathe properly once he arrives into the world.

It’s also important to note, that while hiccups maybe quite a discomfort thing in case of adults, but the unborn babies do not experience any kind of discomfort because of these hiccups. Rather, hiccups inside the womb are an important aspect of the baby’s growth because it is the pressure exerted by these hiccups on the baby’s lungs and the other organs which prepare the baby for the ‘not so comfortable’ life outside the womb. And, usually these hiccups may continue for the initial few months even after the baby is born.

When I was pregnant Benjamin had the hiccups up to 6 times a day sometimes lasting 5 mins to 20 mins!! My midwife was also unconcerned by this and my wee guy was fine - he still gets them ALOT!!:)   (this was an comment i found in yahoo)
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i really dont know, im currentley 26 weeks, i just feel her with hiccups about once or twice a day and sometimes i don't feel it but when i was 24 weeks i felt her hiccups for about 20 minutes and they felt really strong also my mom told me that when she was pregnant with me i got allot of hiccups daily (i still get them :) ), so i guess it most be normal.
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