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Is anybody else getting headaches? I've never really had headaches at any time during this pregnancy and rarely got them in the past before getting pregnant.Now at 14 weeks I"ve had them for almost a week now!  I finally broke down and took a Tylonel tonight but it didn't seem to help. Not sure why this is happening all of a sudden. - Especially because I never got them in the past! I'm making sure to drink plenty of water so I know I"m not dehydrated. Is this a common symptom for this stage of our pregnancies?
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I am 14w as well and just started getting them really bad at night around the 4th.  They get so bad that I feel sick and do nothing but lay in the dark, i hope this passes soon.  I was put on antibiotics around the same time though so im thinking mine might be caused by those.  Wish you the best of luck im hoping mine go away when i finish my RX tomorrow
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I am 13 weeks and just started getting them about 2 weeks ago, through now. I have been confused because I thought they were supposed to start and be finished by the end of the first trimester. I dont know what causes mine. The headache is right in the middle of my head, and it hurts more when I move, it feels like my brain is bouncing off of my skull.  I get them every few days, I've been okay for the last couple days thank goodness.  I think our hormones are out of whack still, for awhile I had stopped vommitting, and now I am again, I just think that my hormones are not ready to settle down yet, maybe you are the same way??
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It is funny that you should mention headaches. I had a dousy last night. I actually used my doppler three times last night 'cause I was cramping pretty bad, had a headache, and was dizzy. All signs of miscarraige when compiled together. I took two tylenol which seemed to help some. My head has been stuffy lately, so I took a benadryl about 30 minutes after the tylenol and that really seemed to help. If your head is stuffy or you notice you are sneezing more often it could be sinus pressure causing the headaches. I am also in the same boat as cheesecake. I was feeling a good bit better and now it seems my preggo symptoms are back in full force. Blah. I hate feeling sick all the time, but knowing that I am preggo makes it tolerable.
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This headache has been driving me nuts now for almost a week. It seems so persistant. I started to take Tylonel yesterday but only 2 so far. My back is really hurting as well.

I didn't know that headaches could be a sign of misscarriage. Why would the head hurt from a miscarriage? I know I had a heartbeat happening when I was getting the headaches so I am hoping the headaches would only come after the baby had died and not before? - That would put me in the clear from that scenario...
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I have never heard of headaches being a sign of miscarriage. They are however well known to be a symptom of pregnancy, they are caused by hormones and so some people call them "hormone headaches."  I never had headaches with either of my miscarriages, dont worry about it.
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yeah i have to agree with cheesecake7.... I never had a headache with my miscarriage.  please no one add that to you list of worries, its just our hormones still being crazy
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I have had migraines alll my life and they have suddenly become more frequent and longer lasting during pg.  I take tylenol 3 or lortab for mine both of which were perscribed to me by my dr and can be used during pg so as long as u don't overdo it I wouldn't suffer and avoid the tylenol
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I got severe headaches from week 9-12 but they seem to have gone. I thought it was watching too much telly or my contact lens prescription but no....just another pregnancy symptom.
We dont get tylenol over here and I daren't take anything anyway. I just had to go sleep in a dark room until it went away.
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I am so glad I'm not alone in this!!  Just last week I started getting frequent headaches (I noticed them mostly in the evenings and morning when I'm in bed).  Mostly, it feels like a minor sinus headache ...and it's just really annoying.  I've tried to stay away from putting anything in my body (aside from good foods and my prenatal vitamin!), but I needed relief!  So I've taken Tylenol (usually only 2 tablets on the days I've had them ...once I think I took 4 in one day) to help ...but sometimes it doesn't seem to do anything.

I thought that maybe it could have been from reading (I have been completely into my Stephen King book, Desperation, even tho this is my third time reading it) or crocheting ...my eyes focusing so close when they normally don't.  *shrugs*

But with all you other ladies experiencing the same (especially those who've gotten it in their 13th/14th week like myself), I'm thinking it's all baby's doing!!  =D
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I'm still having these headaches. It's been 2 weeks now. Anyone else having them that last this long? They will go away every now and again, but I definitely have a daily headache. Seems rare when it is not hurting..
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I am there with you. I get headaches daily. Some days worse than others, but I have one just about every day.  Doctor said it is normal and just take Tylenol.   I try to take minimal medications, and some days I can get away with no meds and just laying on the couch and closing my eyes, some days I have to take the tylenol to maintain my sanity.  Im hoping that they go away soon.  Im sorry that you are having them too ; (
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Well at least we can say it's "normal" then :)  Makes me feel better just knowing that it's just the baby.. :)
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I am about 7-8 weeks and I'm having headaches like everyday. They are like in the front of my head, like right above my eyebrows or it feels like someone is squeezing my head together and it just stays there pretty much all day!! It's like a everyday routine. I wake up with a headache, everyday!!!

Is anyone else experienced this plz let me know...
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i am 17 weeks pregnant and for the past 3 weeks i have been having these really bad headaches i have been taking tylenol but its not helping there getting so bad i think i might go to the hospital i do have high blood pressure i am taking hydrolizine 3 times a day for it! help does anyone know what else this could be? thanks Stephanie
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I Used Misoprostol to avoid pregnency and it worked... now its been two weeks... i have dizzyness, diorea.. vomiting tendency... severe headache too... wat shlould i do.... i did this coz me and my bf were scared to tell our parents... now i m facing this ... what should i do... plz any1 who can help me.. in this... plz reply
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